Nets real close on getting melo.!

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Nuggets can have Curry,

Nets have some good young players, picks and some cap room they need to just rebuild.

Trading all those chips won't get them anywhere really.

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Melo can of course possibly

Melo can of course possibly get a longer deal in the summer as an FA compared to the $65 million 3 year deal on the table. With the possibility of a lockout, any team making a move for Melo now could possibly only get 2 full seasons out of him before he was a free agent again. The Knicks signed STAT to a 5 year deal last summer and would surely want to get Melo on a similar length deal. If Denver had offered Melo a full 6 year deal and that was on the table then they would have probably been in a stronger bargaining positon.

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