Nets pursuing Garnett from Celtics

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Nets pursuing Garnett from Celtics

The Brooklyn Nets are pursuing a trade for Kevin Garnett, according to sources.

Garnett is reportedly interested in playing for the Nets.

Garnett would have approved a trade from the Boston Celtics to the Los Angeles Clippers. With the Doc Rivers' deal being approved by the NBA, the Clippers and Celtics cannot exchange players until the 14-15 season.

Garnett has a no trade clause and $24.4 million over the next two seasons on his contract.

With Rivers' departure from the Celtics, the future of Garnett and Paul Pierce becomes uncertain.

Via Stefan Bondy/New York Daily News

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What do the nets have to

What do the nets have to offer?? Outside of their draft picks, I wouldn't be interested in much of their team if I was planning on rebuilding./

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The trade would probably be

The trade would probably be centered around Humphries, Brooks, and a draft pick. That seems like a terrible trade to me, especially for the heart and soul of a team

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Trade and tank for Wiggins/ Parker?

Trade Garnett buy out pierce. Create cap space for next summer and hopefully win the lottery? Not a bad plan really.

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Even if we are rebuilding,

Even if we are rebuilding, I'd still keep Garnett around to mentor our young guys like Sullinger and Melo.

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With Doc gone, and Celtics

With Doc gone, and Celtics likely rebuilding, KG deserves the opportunity to go to a contender.

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Garnett doesn't take losing well... his last couple seasons with the Wolves he became abrasive to put it nicely. Boston needs to send him somewhere just so they can begin their rebuild even if it's for cap space and a couple prospects.

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