Nerlens Noel a legit Center?

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Nerlens Noel a legit Center?

Do you people think Nerlens Noel be able to operate as a starting center in the NBA, or will he always be too skinny? And if he does play power forward most of the time, does he have the offensive skills, or will he be able to develop them, to start at that position?

I'm just wondering if he won't be stuck between PF and C, too skinny for one, to unskilled for the other. Then again, I haven't seen that much of him, maybe he's got more offensive potential than I think. This is why I ask.

I could ask very similar questions about Isaiah Austin. That dude is a legit seven-footer, has some skills, but many NBA shooting guards weigh more than him. His legs are ridiculously skinny, I wonder if he even has the frame to ever not get shoved around by NBA bigs.

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I think he's got a decent

I think he's got a decent frame to where he can put on quite a bit of muscle if he wants to...

He'll play both big man positions but he's strictly a defensive anchor IMO...Kind of in the mold of a guy like Chandler or Ben Wallace...

I don't think they'll ever run hardly any plays for him but he will do all the little things to help a team win..He's got rare athleticism and he works extremely hard so I wouldn't ever count him out for being at least a serviceable offensive player in the future..

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Agreed completely. Noel looks

Agreed completely. Noel looks like he can add 20 pounds of muscle easy with out hampering his quickness and athleticism too much. 6'11" 240-245 is completely serviceable at center in today's league. And much like Chandler, if he just scores on put back and dunks, he can give you 12 points on 60% shooting with ridiculous defensive numbers. Maybe he can develop enough low post moves to get 15 on 50% shooting, but he will have no problem being a full time center.

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I think he'll be just fine at

I think he'll be just fine at center in the NBA. He has the frame to add a bit more weight, he'll never be a bruiser but 240 lbs is more than possible and at that weight he'll be just fine.

Plenty of centers (including the guys he's most often compared to) are around 240 lbs now and were even closer to Noel's size when they were drafted; Tyson Chandler (a couple inches taller but just as lean), Marcus Camby, Chris Bosh, Joakim Noah, Kevin Garnett, Marcin Gortat etc.

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Depends on the team that

Depends on the team that drafts him but he's going to have to play center since every PF these days seems to be able to hit a 15ft jumpshot. We'll have to see how tall he measures in the combine but they should require him cut his flat top for an acurate reading.

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Dwight Howard frame in his future

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Times have changed. Now Power

Times have changed. Now Power Forwards are asked to step a little outside the low post and hit the midrange shot, whereas Centers are asked to do dirty work. That being the case, I think Noel will play C in the pros.

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I've never seen Chandler,

I've never seen Chandler, Camby, or Ben Wallace lead a fast break.... and they rarely show any passing skills, in H.S. Noel would often play something you can call a point-center (not from the post, from the perimeter).
I can see him in the future being effective in the elbow/ hi post making lead passes to cutters and open shooters, ala J. Noah.

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He does remind me somewhat of

He does remind me somewhat of Noah. Defensively I think they will be very similar with the energy they bring and Noel will be able to do somethings with ball making plays but if he turns into a 75% foul shooter I will be stunned.

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It will take him a few years,

It will take him a few years, IMO. Remember, Tyson Chandler and Marcus Camby, two recent guys with similar builds in their late teens, were PF's for the first few years in their careers, before gaining a combination of muscle and experience. Larry Sanders is finially breaking through as a center this year too. I suspect Noel will be a PF for, at least, his first 2 or 3 years.

I can see him being a similar player to Sanders or Camby because I think he'll be an elite shot blocker in the NBA, and less of a pure rim protector and enforcer, like Chandler.

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Neither is a center. Even if

Neither is a center. Even if one gets past the fact that Austin is very slightly built for a 7-footer, even just as a prospect he is as good as his shot. Early in the year when his shot was going down, he was great. Now, when you watch him, he is going down BJ Mullens territory. As for Noel, people need to stop confusing blocked shots in college with being an NBA center. He is small for an NBA frontcourt. He needs to grow to be a normal sized 4, and his lack of offensive skills combined with his small size should set off red flags for lottery teams.

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