need to vent

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need to vent

I have to whine/complain or even in some peoples eyes, hate s little bit right now. I agree with any argument that Lebron James is the best player in the world right now. In fact, this had nothing to do with him as a player but, I can't even stand watching any Heat games at this point because of the blatant unfairness that is displayed against anyone who plays against them. In the final few minutes of their game tonight against a Rockets team who flat out outplayed them for 45 minutes, Miami gets a win based solely on the officials inability to let the players play. That call on Marcus Morris with about 2 minutes left was ridiculous to say the least. Lebron is 265lbs. If anything, Marcus gets to the the before lebron does and it gives lebron 2 ftswhich was 2 points that should have gone the other way. M. Morris fouls out with a bloody lip but lebron gets feebies. Obviously this puts Houston in the roll of catch up and Lin chokes but it never should've came to that. Maybe if Harden gets a call next time down then its all gravy but that's not the case. He dissappears behind a gang of Heat players and no call. Its ridiculous. I know Its a running joke about LBJ and the lack of traveling rules and I understand that the superstars get the benifitsof the doubt but its another thing when the stupidest of sports fans can tell when something is fishy. I'm noteven a Lebtin hater normally, he's the best there is but it drives me nuts to see that kind of stuff. The heat will win enough games based on talent alone, they don't need the extra help.

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