Need some help on a prospect

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Need some help on a prospect

Hello guys,

I don't watch many college basketball games bcs unfortunetly i don't have a channel that play it. But i'm always up to date with the latest box scores of the most important teams. So while checking some stats i noticed a player that is putting pretty good numbers : keith appling of MSTU. If anyone could help with a scouting report about him strenght and weaknesses just an overview.

And one more question if you had to choose btw him and trey burke who do you choose ? And why ?

Thank you for your help.

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I would snag Burke over

I would snag Burke over Appling, but both are good. Im still deciding where Appling fits as a pro but he's a good offensive player who can shoot and attack the basket. Solid defender, but is known for scoring ability. Made some real great plays last night to give MSU the W, but is only a junior so you still got 2 years to catch a MSU game.

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He's a combo guard, learning

He's a combo guard, learning to run the full time point. He was more of a slasher/scorer in HS. Decent physical profile for a point, not being exceptional in any one area. He's a tough defender who gives good effort on that end. Not a natural ball distributor or playmaker. Looks to have improved his shot from last yr (only shot 25% from 3 last yr).

I'd much rather have Burke, but then again I think Burke is the best PG in the nation. Trey's a more natural floor leader, ball-handler and playmaker with a more diverse offensive game.

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