N.Calathes to Europe

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N.Calathes to Europe

Nick Calathes signed a three year, $6M contract with the greek powerhouse Panathinaikos. Smart or stupid move? What do you guys think?

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I'm mad. He was a good

I'm mad. He was a good prospect and now it is going to be a while before I can watch him play in the NBA, if at all.

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Sounds like a good move for

Sounds like a good move for him IMO. I mean that's lottery money, there was little chance he would be drafted in the lottery. It'll be interesting to see if he leaves his name in the draft - if so some excellent team drafting late could be lucky and get the chance to stockpile him.

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excellent move

He's 20 right? I think in 2 years, he jets.

he is 6-5 and could do everything. Europe will make him smarter and with his ability, he could be a lottery pick in 2011.

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ok move

It was a ok move because it ups the competition level he's going to play against, but with Nick his only weakness is his defense and I highly doubt he's going to be playing against many quick point guards that could help him improve his on ball defense to get him back to the NBA

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Good move

Nick is probably better off in Europe -- he's not an NBA level athlete. He can make mad bank in Europe.

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