NCAA Trnasfers- Who'll be the top transfer of 20010-11

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NCAA Trnasfers- Who'll be the top transfer of 20010-11

These are some of the main transfers for the next season.
Let us know who you think will be the best/make the most impact.

Allen Chaney- Florida to Virginia Tech
Seth Curry- Liberty to Duke
Kelvin Grady- Michigan to ?
Jake Kelly- Iowa to Indiana State
Cookie Miller - Nebraska to Miami (ohio)
Josh Parker - Drake to Dayton
Jeff Peterson - Iowa to Arkansas
Malik Story - Indiana to Nevada
Quintrell Thomas - Kansas to UNLV
J'Mison Morgan- UCLA to Baylor
Drew Gordon - UCLA to New Mexico
Juan Pattilo- Oklahoma to Western Kentucky
Gerald Robinson Jr - Tennessee State to Georgia
Malcolm White- Ole Miss to LSU
Nick Williams- Indiana to Ole Miss
Olek Cryz- Duke to Nevada
Other( tell us who and where)

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Seth Curry Jeff Gordon

Seth Curry

Jeff Gordon

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as far as numbers go?

Jio Fontan

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