NCAA transfer rules may change..

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NCAA transfer rules may change..

Basically the rule is an athlete doesn't have to sit out a year (if their GPA is good) if they transfer to another school..I feel this has more cons then pros. Way more transferring, bigger schools stealing players from smaller schools if they have a breakout years, etc.

What's your thoughts on this?

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Yeah, the college basketball

Yeah, the college basketball offseason is already interesting with all the signees, and even the late signees.

This basically legalizes free agency in college basketball.

Lots more roster turnover every offseason. Between regular transfers, graduate transfers, HS signees, juco guys, and players entering or leaving the NBA draft, the college basketball offseason might give an NBA offseason a run for its money.

Getting transfer guys (Gonzaga had at least one last year) might be the way to go from a contrarian basketball standpoint, ever since Coach Cal cornered the market on one and dones -- before Coach K came back and co-cornered the market on one and dones.

The ELITE teams will get all the McDonald's All Americans. The other teams have to rely more on transfers/grad transfers, jucos, and local/regional 2 star/3 star guys. They have to be happy with getting to a single Sweet 16 once every college basketball cycle (3-5 years). You can make a run to the Elite 8 (or better) every decade or so but that's about it.

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This seems to be the most

This seems to be the most fair option for the players, but it will undoubtedly lead to additional complications. This will result in further rule revisions as time goes on.

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Should have always been this way.

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Screw the schools this will

Screw the schools this will defenitely help the athletes looking to make a professional career.

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It helps all student

It helps all student athletes, whether they have pro aspirations or not. A med student doesn't have to sit out a year of studying when he transfers, why in gods name did someone on the basketball need to sit out outside of it deterred players from moving? It had no real world purpose outside of helping schools hold on to guys who were on the fence about heing there. Now a kid can move to a school he prefers, whether thats for sports or studies, and not have to worry about an archaic rule that only served to help the universities hold on to guys. The fact these guys had to apply for a hardship request to be able to play basketball and be closer to a sick relative is ridiculous.

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Devil in the details

I'm curious where they will set the GPA requirement. If it is set too high, coaches and professors will be able to still cause transfer headaches if they so choose. Too low, and I would be really worried about the poaching of small school players. Overall, I'm in favor of it. The current systems needs reform.

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These kids are being exploited by these schools for Millions $$$

Why can't they go somewhere else if they their present location is not wirking

And GPA should have Nothing to do w/ it b/c these schools don't care about their GPA when they sign them

This is just my personal Opinion but witnessing first hand how Adults at Educational institutions that Claim to be Academically motivated while they Use teen agers - many who are dirt Poor - who have athletic talent is Extremely creepy & hypocritical

Most times these kids are Sold on the school by a charismatic coach but the coach can leave whenever he chooses but the student athlete is held to a different standard than the well compensated adult

How is that acceptable in a culture which supposedly prides itself on fair play & integrity?

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