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Offline vs ESPN

What's up,

I've been a fan of this website for a long time and this is my first post. I recently read ESPN's mock draft for the 1st rd this year, and it raises a bunch of questions for me when you compare it to

1) Why is so high on Chase Buddinger and low on Tyreke Evans. Buddinger is a lottery pick here, but falls to 27 on ESPN. Evans is mid round pick here compared to #9 on ESPN. Here's how it breaks down ESPN
1. Griffin Griffin
2. Rubio Thabeet
3. Thabeet Rubio
4. Harden Hill
5. Hill Harden
6. Derozan Derozan
7. Jennings Jennings
8. Curry Curry
9. Clark Evans
10. Henderson Holiday
11. Buddinger J. Johnson
12. Ellington Henderson
13. Maynor Flynn
14. Flynn Clark
15. Evans Daye
16. J Johnson BLair
17. Lawson Maynor
18. Mills Mullens
19. Mullens Teague
20. Blair Hansborough
21. Lawal T. Williams
22. Teague Lawson
23. Casspi Calathes
24. Holiday Collison
25. Hansborough Lawai
26. Gibson Douglas
27. Brown Buddinger
28. T. Williams Mills
29. Young Summers
30 Summers Young

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Johnson vs Clark

I noticed Earl Clark is below James Johnson as well whys that?

And I saw on Bilas board Evans is 5 ahaead of Harden and DeMar Derozan

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Over the years I've noticed

Yeah I saw that as well. The consensus seems to be Evans will be a good NBA player. But over the years I've noticed that seems to just start with the best overall player and work their way down as oppose to drafting to a team's needs.

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every other site i check has

every other site i check has Tyreke in the Top 10, and I have to say i agree. SI even has him going 4 to the kings

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