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Seamo Thanks! Hopefully we


Thanks! Hopefully we can do it next season as well! Legendary did pretty much all of the prep-work though lmao


I was thinking about making an account and using this as it's mock-draft but without the 2nd round, we wouldn't maximize our points lmao

Big thanks to everybody that contributed ideas, picks, and time to this event! Special thanks to Legendary Poster for all the help! This couldn't have worked out with your help bro

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Hey im sorry i had a baseball

Hey im sorry i had a baseball game and I didn't see this was at 12 until 2 PM...i feel bad and i apologize i was leaning toward taking PJ3 but would have gone Moultrie over Zellef if he was still available

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Nice Job

This was a great read from start to finish. Thanks guys for taking it seriously and keeping comments relative and interesting. Props to Grandmama for grabbing Jenkins for my Bulls. I have been hoping he'll slide to us since he declared! Well done everyone!

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Props to Grandmama for

Props to Grandmama for grabbing Jenkins for my Bulls

Gracias, I'm hoping we can snag him or Doron Lamb. Hopefully one of those two falls to us.

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Thanks to everybody involved

Thanks to everybody involved especially Legendary Poster for making my selection and getting the player I coveted the most while I was at the Phillies game watching Jim Thome hit a walk off homerun.

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