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Offline Mock

Where are the explanations for the new mock? Trying to understand why they have Trey Burke going to the Blazers?

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Same thought

LIllard Is Portland PG. Even if T. Burke Is very intresting playmaker . And Why wizards still have The 3 ? They have a better record of 6 terme, at least !

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Yea it looks like this draft

Yea it looks like this draft was made by a three year old. Why would the wiz's take Marcus Smart and The Pistons take Cody ?? Wish we can give the draft negative points.

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I agree with you guys, but

I agree with you guys, but what Mikey V was saying in that link is that team needs aren't based right now until after the NBA season. So right now it's mainly based on how scouts are ranking the prospects. Smart is the 3rd highest ranked prospect right now. Doesn't mean the Wizards are going to draft him. Plus like somebody else said in another thread, the Wizards shouldn't even be third. They should have a pick somewhere in the 8-10 range based off of their record currently.

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Some on-topic questions about

Some on-topic questions about nbadraft's mock:
- Franklin in the second round? What did he do wrong in the NCAA tournament?
- MCW after Kabongo?
- Adetokoubo going 18?

Who do you see climbing up the draft as march madness continiues? I could see Dieng (Lou) & DeShaun Thomas (Ohio) rising up the mock's.

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It isn't an official mock

It isn't an official mock until after the draft lottery. For now, it's pretty much just a big board.

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This might be the first

This might be the first "advanced stats" draft where teams take an in depth look at statistics such as
Plus/ Minus and a PER rating for these guys.

Teams will be spending too much money on lottery picks to just go after inefficient stat stuffers.

In this draft teams will look for the next Kenneth Faried and Kawhi Leonard instead of the next D Wade or

I could see Cody Zeller as a top 3 guy as a safe pick and projected 3rd big man (at worst) in the NBA.
Then Jeff Withey as a top 5 or 10 guy based on you know what you are getting with him.
Then Olidipo in the top 5 with a combination of athlecism, raw talent, motor, and intangibles. Maybe not a
legit go-to guy or an all-star but a guy who looks like a solid core player.

With this draft you have to use the Denver Nuggets team as a model with their depth, length, and team play
even though they lack a true superstar.

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Trey Burke is likely a backup

Trey Burke is likely a backup PG anyway, but we'll start factoring in team needs after the NBA season ends.

The purpose having both is to separate where we would take players (big board) and where we see players going in the draft (mock). The team order continues to change, and is secondary to where players figure to go at this point.

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Then don't put the teams in

Then don't put the teams in yet.
What a massive flaw to have on your site, your know why it gets asked.... because you've got it set up wrong.
A big board has no reason for teams just ranked players from 1-60.
If your gonna have teams then you should at least put the players whered theyd likely be drafted according to team needs.

way to listen to your target audience!!

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It blows my mind how often

It blows my mind how often this ridiculous question gets asked.

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This thread comes up at least

This thread comes up at least 4 or 5 times per year. The mock on this site doesn't factor in team needs and is updated weekly to bi-weekly. Teams can change draft positions on a nightly basis and trying to update it every single day while factoring in team needs would become redundant and a little ridiculous.

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What is the difference

What is the difference between the mock and top 100 big board ?

It was just updated on facebook - Glenn robinson looks to have moved up

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