"In the N.B.A., ZIP Code Matters" article

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"In the N.B.A., ZIP Code Matters" article

Here is a very intersting article about where the majority of NBA players came from a society view standploint and ontop of that more about things like player growth or the families and income about black and white athletes.

This article is from last year and might have been posted on here but this guy made himself really some good work on reasearching all this and gives a different view to things like street credibility or just the common public view of athletes nowadays.

Read takes about 5 - 7 mins and should be taken a look at imo.

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On the other hand, the

On the other hand, the article doesn't mention genetics. Talented people are fortunate. Some people are good at everything they do from their birth on.

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"Growing up in a wealthier

"Growing up in a wealthier neighborhood is a major, positive predictor of reaching the N.B.A. for both black and white men".

It may be a better predictor but it doesn't necessarily mean it's a good one.

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