NBA Roster question

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NBA Roster question

I thought in NBA rules, you could have 15 players on your roster, but only 12 active for a games? The San Antonio Spurs used 13 guys last night. I know I may be wrong, please forgive me if I am.

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There was a rule change last

There was a rule change last year that allows the team to have 13 players active

this site discusses it :

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Never heard about that

I guess they did not advertise too much about this. Can't say it impacts the game a whole lot though. If you are the 13th guy in the rotation you are only there for garbage minutes anyway.

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Yea, I was looking at box

Yea, I was looking at box scores and I was wondering why there was 13 active players too, thank you 220 for the link. The rule doesnt really affect the game that much, it basically just means one more young player can play in garbage minutes. If people are hurt and teams can only take 12 guys to a game there still is no disadvantage. The explaination from the link was that teams are required to have 13 people on their roster, so they might as well allow that many to go to the game.

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personally, i thnik they

personally, i thnik they should just allow all 15 guys to be aligible every night. For the life of me, i can not htink of a good reason why they shouldnt.

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Too much specialization could

Too much specialization could be there then that is not good for the game, if you have 15 guys you could sign someone just to shoot FT's or just for winning jump balls guys who are not NBA caliber otherwise.

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