NBA rookies you are excited to see the most

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NBA rookies you are excited to see the most

Personally, I can't wait to see Len, Bazz and Bennett in action.. Who do you guys think that will exceed expectations this upcoming season?

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Cj McCollum bc he will probably win the ROY award. He can flat out score the basketball.. Not sure who will challenge him for the award honestly.

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That's kind of funny. Any

That's kind of funny. Any rookie that will be starting easily challenges him. CJ won't be starting, but he will be great for a team that had one of the worst benches last season.

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Bennett because he is the number one pick and I am a Cavs fan. Bmac, Oladipo guarding other guards, Deshaun Thomas because i think he can find minutes on the spurs, could be a steal and I am a Buckeyes fan.

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wanna see oladipo.. lots of

wanna see oladipo.. lots of expectations out of him. also schroeder, mcw.
hopefully bazz will get back on his status, he's been undervalued for some time

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Victor Oladipo and Steven

Victor Oladipo and Steven Adams and Denis Schroeder

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Kentavious Cadwell Pope... I

Kentavious Cadwell Pope... I think he's a sleeper. He shown in the SL that he's more than a shooter, he's a scorer.Plus I wanna see how he gonna mesh with jennings.

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Yeah gotta be Bazz for me. I

Yeah gotta be Bazz for me. I want to see him start the season in peak physical condition with a define role off the bench. He moves well off the ball and can shoot if off screens, will be interesting to see if he can play a Harrison Barnes role for them this season (Barnes during the regular season, not the playoffs).

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Archie Goodwin

To see him and Bledsoe on a fast break would be pretty intense

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I read the other day that

I read the other day that Hornacek wants to keep him in the NBA in favor of assigning him to the D-League. Still, don't know how much PT he'll get, but that's a good sign early on.

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Want to see kelly and rondo

Want to see kelly and rondo in pick and roll situations

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As a Cuse fan and a Bucks

As a Cuse fan and a Bucks fan, it's definitely MCW and Giannis for me.

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As a Celtics fan I'm looking forward to seeing how Kelly's game translates to the NBA. I watched some of his games in college where he looked like a highly skilled big but I wasn't sold on him. However after watching him play in summer league my opinion has changed. He shot better than I expected and overall had a great offensive game, granted it wasn't against the highest level of competition. If he isn't a liability on defense than I project that he'll be one of the more impactful rookies because of the lack of C's talent upfront and scorers in general.

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I'm interested in seeing how

I'm interested in seeing how Bazz turns out. Maybe one of the most overrated high school propsects in a long long time. Was seen as an explosive athlete in high school, but turned out to be an average athlete during a very underwhelming season at UCLA. He's from Las Vegas and played college in Los Angeles and is now playing in Minnesota. Hopefully the long cold winters of Minnesota won't drive a moody player into depression.

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Sergey Karasev...I'm ready to

Sergey Karasev...I'm ready to see some big shots from this kid.

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I am with you on this one. He

I am with you on this one. He is going to be big for the Cavs this year. I see him being one of the best rookies if he can get the pt.

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I'm most excited to see

I'm most excited to see Oladipo, Shane Larkin and Archie Goodwin. Man just 3 months ago, I wasn't an Oladipo fan but during the draft process, and summer league. I love his game and work ethic, and I love the Orlando Magic experiment of playing him out of position at the point guard, because it can only make him better, not saying he will be the next Russell Westbrook, but he can become a shooting guard that can handle the ball and pass.

Shane Larkin, dude is just an exciting player to me. I love his athleticism and fearlessness. The Mavs said they want him to play like Barea, and we all know how that worked out.

Archie Goodwin, tremendous athlete, was knocking down his shots in summer league. I just think eventually he and Bledsoe will be 2 combo guards on the court can interchange positions on offense and defense. Maybe the most athletic back court in the league both can score and handle the ball, and pass a little. I know Goran is there starting right now, but I think eventually Shannon Brown and Kendall Marshall will be gone and that'll open up a place.

I also want to look at Bazz just to see how he does in the league.

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Nerlens Noel....although I

Nerlens Noel....although I don't know if that will be anytime soon. As a Sixers fan I am also eager to see what MCW can do against the big boys but I am scared that it is going to be too ugly to watch more often than not.


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I'm excited to see

Anthony Benet because the Cavs have amazing scouts and have definitely done their research in the past (when it comes to recruiting good talent, not to mention the potential point guard of the future Kyrie Irving.) I'm a knicks fan but I have no expectations for Hardaway Jr. has of now, i hope he plays a good role though.

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Victor Oladipo because I am

Victor Oladipo because I am curious to see how he does for the Orlando Magic. Am hoping the Magic stink it up so bad this year to get Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker or Marcus Smart. Kelly Olynyk because the Celtics are my favorite team. Anthony Bennett because of him being the number one pick and to see him on that young Cavs roster. Cody Zeller because I think he will help out the Bobcats. If he puts up 12 and 8 or 14 and 7 on his rookie season I'd say that would be good. Trey Burke because I'm sure he will be the starting point guard for the Jazz. Otto Porter because of how John Wall, Bradley Beal and Otto Porter will play on the court together. The Philadelphia 76ers Nerlens Noel and MCW. I suspect though that the 76ers will be in the Andrew Wiggins/ Jabari Parker sweepstakes.

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Intrest perked

Oladipo is going go be fun to watch. But
Gobert is the player I find the .ost intriguing.

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As a Jazz fan I would love to

As a Jazz fan I would love to see it be Burke and I think he will be given the playing time to possibly make it happen, Olynyk should be in the running along with Oladipo and Zeller.
As much as I like the Jazz pick of Gobert, he won't get enough PT to challenge for ROY and he needs PT & time to mature and get stronger.

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Obviously I am most excited

Obviously I am most excited to see B.Mac, but other than him it will be really interesting to watch Porter, Burke, Zeller, Oladipo, Shabazz, Olynyk, and Schroeder.

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