NBA: Rookie Poll

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NBA: Rookie Poll

who will have a better a career? (w/ answers)

brooks: 30%

shumpert: 51%

k. leonard: 19%

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Well, Shumpert is off to a

Well, Shumpert is off to a great start, he'll be a top 5 preimeter defender in this league for a while, along with having a decent offensive game, in his prime I expect him to be good for 15 points and 5 boards, with 1.5 steals per game, and being one of the most feared defenders.

Brooks already has a very nice back to the basket game, I can see him being a 19 ppg scorer on a decent team, I do see a chance that he does become an elite scorer though, but he doesn't do much else.

Leanord might become the best of the group, he definatly has the All-Around skills to become one of the best. He has huge hands, long arms, will be the Spurs' Bruce Bowen for the next decade. If he can learn a dribble drive game and develop an outside shot, I can see him as a more offensively advanced Bowen, and his defense will be elite as well.

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Shumpert and Brooks may be

Shumpert and Brooks may be getting more attention now, but I think Leonard easily will have the better career. Brooks has surprised me by being able to score so well in the NBA, but he doesn't really look like he would be more than a spark off the bench for a good team, and he is close to a finished product by rookie standards. He does need to improve his defense.

Shumpert is an excellent defender, even better than Leonard, but I don't think that he has the offensive potential of Leonard and Leonard is the superior offensive player right now. Shumpert really needs a jump shot. Leonard just looks so solid on offense. If he develops a post-up game, he could be a long-time starter in the league.

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Seems All 3 are hard workers that wanna get their games better. I'm going to have to say Brooks. While I don't think he will ever be up to par with Kobe, his game is very similar. He's on a scrub team and still ballin. He plays with deron and thats about it. I think Shumpert and Leonard will be good, but I think if you were to say who would be the best if they were the feature player, i'd go with Marshon. If you combined Shumpert's D with Marshon's offense...oooo weeeeeeee

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I think Shumpert his skills

I think Shumpert his skills transfer the easiest towards other teams. If he should be traded to another team his numbers wouldn't drop off immensely. I think Marshon Brooks is okay, but there are a lot of players with his skillset in the NBA and Kawhi Leonard will be very successful on certain teams and roles, but has a very specific skillset and a possible trade in the future to a place where his skills won't be very compatible to the system will be detrimental to his career.

But to be honest it's extremely tough to tell this early in a career, so these are all big if's and hypothetical reasoning.

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I think Shumpert will be the

I think Shumpert will be the best all around player. Brooks will probably be the best scorer, and I see Leonard as a great role player who maybe peaks at 13-16 ppg.

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I think Shumpert has a chance

I think Shumpert has a chance to become the best of the three his perimiter defense is already one of the best in the league, he has elite athleticism, but he needs to develop his offensive game. If he works hard with good coaches i think he can be really special. Just imagine if he develops a great mid range game he would be extremely difficult to guard due to his athleticism, and if he could just occasionaly hit threes he would be a perrenial allstar.

I also love Leonards game he's the type of player every good team needs. Gives it his all every single night has the physical tools and the talent to be a great player in this league. The only reason i put Shumpert ahead of Leonard is beacuse I think Shumperts ceiling is a little higher.

It jus so happens that these are three of my favorite players from this draft class so I really like Brooks too. Early in the careers of these 3 Brooks might put up the best numbers mostly due to the fact he is on the Nets. He is the best offensive player of the three but I rate the other two abve him because they can impact the game without scoring and Brooks needs to score to be effective. I think he will be an above average SG for his career which is great considering where he was drafted.

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