nba rights held

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nba rights held

on draftexpress there is a list of all players whose rights r held by the nba

1. Ricky Rubio

2. Fran Vazquez

3. Sergio Llull

4.Omar Asik

5.Joel Freeland

6. Victor Claver

7. Ante Tomic

8. Sergey Gladyr

9. Juan Carlos Navarro

10. Sasha Kaun

11. Nick Calathes

12. Nando de Colo

13. Erazem Lorbek

14. Stanko Barac

15. Sofo

16.Henk Norel

17. Patrick Beverley

18. Ahmad Nivins

Which of these players do u think would be the most successful in the nba?

Which do u think would be the least successful?

I think the most successful would be Ante Tomic and least successful would be Stanko Barac? IMO

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Only 2

Rubio and Tomic

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What about Tibor Pleiss?

What about Tibor Pleiss?

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tibor pleiss wasnt on the

tibor pleiss wasnt on the list... i dont know y tho. him and nemanja bjelica should of been on it

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If Vazquez ever decides to

If Vazquez ever decides to come over, I think he will be solid at least.

Navarro has already had success in the league and I was kind of surprised he didn't stick around.

I agree that Rubio and Tomic will be successful.

I hope to see Calathes in the NBA one day.

Sofo Shortsianides (sp?) is a guy I thought we'd see, but it looks like he's not going to amount to anything more than a reason to talk about a rumor involving the Clippers every summer.

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i liked what i saw from

i liked what i saw from nemanja bjelica. He looked like a versatile sf who could pass and had skills and didnt try and do too much. He might be able to do somehting in the nba.

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They are not on the list

Because the list is not up to date. But I think Tomic, Rubio, Claver, Pleiss and Bjelica will all eventually come over and show their stuff. Tomic is a very intriguing prospect, and of course Rubio is who people are dying to judge. Claver should also come over in the next year or so and has big time potential as a wing prospect.

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Draft Express

Draft Express is always about a year behind on their draft rights held list... Rubio wasn't on the list until June.

As for whether the players have successful NBA careers depends on your definition of successful... they all should become wealthy enough to provide for their next 3 or 4 generations. As for developing as All-Star type players I'd have to say maybe Rubio. The others I believe will never come close to reaching the level of Dirk or P. Gasol.... Maybe Marc Gasol though. The fact is if those players had ALL-Star type talent they would have been drafted much higher than they were... and only Rubio and Vasquez were lotto picks (and Vasquez never had the "stones" to play in the NBA).

I could image 6-8 of those players becoming solid rotation players, but they would have to give up the Rock Star status they have in europe and for many like J.C. Navarro it's not worth the hassle.

It would be to fun to see how plays like Bjelica, Llull, Claver, Vesley or Rubio would do in the NBA more than the Pleiss, Vasques, Tomic type players (Tall roll players vs more athletic players).

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I want to see what Rubio &

I want to see what Rubio & Calathes can do.

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Rubio is the player that most

Rubio is the player that most fans want to see in the NBA and sure as hell Dave Kahn does. As Tiago Splitter waited 3 years and then got a better deal I wonder if Rubio could hold out to 2012 and see if he can get a better offer from the T-Wolves if they are still struggling then.

Claver could be a solid intangibles player at 3 or 4 and should come over to Portland in the next year or two. Their other picks they have stashed since 2006/07 are perhaps less likely to come over any time soon.

Fran Vasquez has never seemed to be in a rush to come to the NBA having turned down 11th draft pick money and the chance to be on a contending team due to him having a nice contract in Europe. He may well now be viewed by Utah as a possible trading chip if they need to put future deals together.

Tomic was once rumoured to be going much higher and being a 2nd round pick then Utah have more flexability to sort out a contract for him if it was agreed that he should come onto the team.

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