nba point guards

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nba point guards

rank your nba pgs.
you can do them all, you can do top 10, top 5, whatever you want just give me a ranking of your PGs in the NBA going into this season. ill start us off

1) chris paul
2) derrick rose
3) kyrie irving
4) tony parker
5) rajon rondo
6) russell westbrook
7) stephen curry
8) ricky rubio
9)damian lillard
10) jrue holiday
11) john wall
12) ty lawson
13) mike conley
14) deron williams (something about him this season really made me dislike his game to the point he fell WAY off)

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CP3 Parker Rose Rondo Westbro

Wall (breaks out this year and climbs?)
Kyrie (doesnt have the credentials to be higher, will definitely climb)
Rubio (might be the best pure pg outside of Chris Paul)

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1. Chris Paul 2. Tony

1. Chris Paul
2. Tony Parker
3. Derrick Rose
4. Russell Westbrook
5. Rajon Rondo
6. Stephen Curry
7. Kyrie Irving
8. Deron Williams
9. Jrue Holiday
10. Damian Lillard
11. Mike Conley
12. Ty Lawson
13. Ricky Rubio
14. Kemba Walker
15. Jeff Teague

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wow, I forgot Wall. I'd

wow, I forgot Wall. I'd probably have him at #9 ahead of Holiday.

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how you have dwill out side

how you have dwill out side your top 10? my list is predicated on distribution first and scoring second, and your impact overall on the game..
1.Tony parker, face it, he was better than cp3 all year, when his team needed him to score he did, cp3 had too many lazy games. Also parker got the better of him overall in their match ups this year.
4.DRose would consider him higher but he did miss a whole year. I placed him this high based on respect
5.Westbrook, based off the amount of assists he averages, plus he is a annual all star. also working on his decision making is critical for him and the thunder moving forward.

6 Dwill would be 5 or higher if he played like he did after the all star break the whole year.

7.Wall next best passer, career-8assists per game on a bad team and his shot got better this year and will only improve. Showed with his comeback from injury what his impact means to his team and them moving forward. I really think i have him over the next 3 guys based on how well he drives his team and helped them improve as a core with the same amount of talent.

8.Rubio he is a wizard passing the rock. He can do everything except what a truly successful point guard can do yet and thats knock down the open shot, but neither did most of his team this past year. He is easily the best passer left, well, maybe closer to tied with vasquez and calderon.

9&10 toss up between jrue and irving. Irving i see people are giving him a lot of credit which he deserves, but the other points guards i have ahead of him wall, rubio, and in this toss up with holiday all averaged a high rate of assist on bad teams. He did not distribute as well but he did put the ball in the bucket which is why he is still in the top 10. He also came in the clutch on multiple game winners. Holiday is in this toss up because he averaged 8 assists on a bad team that bynum was supposed to be on and richardson their best 3 point shooter, a guy holiday could have used missed around 3/4ths of the season. He scored the ball well but got tired towards the end of the season and his percentage dropped on a team with erratic shooters like young,turner,wilkens, and wright.

Really considered guys like curry 1st who i left off, but he isnt the best pg. He has good passing instincts. I think the dynamic with him and jack showed how he needs another point playing with him at times so he doesnt get overwhelmed with ball handling and distribution duties. he still is the best shooter named a pg without a doubt. guess he is number 11.

Next up are lawson,teague,conley,jennings,vasquez who was 3rd in the nba this year in asts,dragic,lillard,calderon and jameer nelson who was 9th in the nba in asts this year all 12-20 in no particular order.

I like to rank players, but this lists always changes due to injury, not playing well before and after the allstar break and playoff play. This is my list after evaluating the 2012-2013 season, hope it brings fun to this debate.

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1)CP3 2)Parker 3)Westbrook 4)


I would love to put Calderon higher on this list but I can't due the fact that he has only been on a couple winning teams in his career. Sure he is one of the best facilitators in the NBA, but if that does not lead to wins what is it worth.

Brandon Jennings is horribly inefficient. Takes bad shots and has some nights where he plays so bad his team has no chance of winning. Complete dissappearing act. Although if he gets rid of those nights he could be ranked anywhere from 8-15.

Dragic is just as good as Teague but he has shot horribly in Phoenix and part of that is due to his supporting staff. Phoenix just has very little talent which would make it teams easier to key in on Dragic. It doesn't seem like this will change anytime soon.

Kemba Walker will likely crack the top 15 this year. His pencentages are horrible and his teams lose so I can't say he is better then Teague. Although I would rather own Walker as an asset due to his upside and certain skills that can not be measured statistically. Kemba loves being the Alpha Male and leader, and loves having the ball in his hands with the game on the line. Give him a supporting staff and you have an immediate winning culture.






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1. Derrick Rose (if he can

1. Derrick Rose (if he can return to pre-injury form)
2. Chris Paul
3. Tony Parker
4. Russell Westbrook
5. Kyrie Irving
6. Rajon Rondo
7. Stephen Curry
8. John Wall (Most would have Deron Williams in front of Wall but I really think he will have a breakout year)
9. Deron Williams (would be much higher in his prime)
10. Jrue Holliday

Fringe guys in no particular order:

1. Ty Lawson
2. Damian Lillard
3. Mike Conley
4. Ricky Rubio
5. Jeff Teague

Holliday makes my top 10 over the fringe guys because he can affect the game in so many different ways. I also really believe Reggie Jackson has the potential to be a top 10 or top 15 point guard as he gains more experience playing the position.

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seriously i understand now

seriously i understand now truly people have forgotten what a point guard is suppose to do, and thats be able to pass the ball and manage the game. In what world is curry better than wall at that? Without the help curry got this year with jack being the point guard half the game, landry, and barnes added they would not have been as good. I am not taking anything away from him its just you cant be a top tier point guard if another guy is playing point guard and managing the offense while you both are on the floor together

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its easy for anyone to say a

its easy for anyone to say a point guard is supposed to do this or do that, but the bottom line is that a point guard has only one duty, to win. A point guard must do anything he can do to win the game, weather thats to pass, score, defend, rebound, take over or defer. its not completely about the stats that you put up, but rather how you can lead your team into getting that W. its knowing what it takes for a team to really win and steering them into that direction. thats a point guard.

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I'm a huge John Wall fan but

I'm a huge John Wall fan but averaging 23 ppg and 8 apg in the playoffs for a contender should explain why Curry is a special point guard.

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My way of evaluating talent

My way of evaluating talent is a little different from others. I always try to remember a player when they were at their very best and how they preformed when they needed to the most. That doesn't mean I have Brandon Jennings in my top ten because he put up 55 once, but I do take into account that "extra level" very few players have. So here is my top ten:

1. Westbrook- Westbrook is one of the only point guards in the NBA who can shut you down completely on defense, and still go off for 40 on you. A lot of PG's in the NBA can't dominate the way that he can, and anyone who watched his performance in game 4 vs. the Heat knows what I'm talking about. He was better than the best player in the world. I honestly think the only thing holding him back from being the consensus #1 Pg in the NBA is the terrible system Scott Brooks runs.

2. Tony Parker- He just knows how to play the position. He can score the ball in a variety of ways, and is a master of the pick and role and setting up his team mates. It's a shame LeBron guarded him in the final games of the Finals, because I really enjoyed watching TP make a fool of the Heat point guards.

3. Kyrie Irving- Probably the most talented player on this list, Kyrie can just do it all. He's such a smooth player, and can score the ball at will. Like many players in his position (on a bad team) his defense leaves much to be desired, but I expect that to change once he actually needs to play that side of the ball. Kyrie is also great with those last second shots.

4. Rondo- Rondo can't shoot threes, but he's also one of the best PG's at all the other aspects of the game, and that simply can't be ignored. Watching the Celtics these past couple of years has shown just how much he meant to that offense. He got everyone open looks, and can even score when he needs to. In the playoffs he takes his game to a level that not many players on this list have reached, and he's done it consistently. Rondo can take games over on the biggest stages, and is a warrior and a champion.

5. Rose- While Rose was hurt this year, I still put him here out of respect. He always plays hard, and can create nothing out of something. I'll reserve my comments on Rose till I get to see him play again.

6. Paul- This isn't 2008, so people need to stop acting like it is with Paul. These past couple of years Paul has just looked lethargic in the playoffs, and hasn't carried his teams like the players above have. He's a great overall point guard, but an over rated leader, and leaves much to be desired when all eyes are on him. The regular season isn't everything.

7. Curry- He's just so dangerous with that shot! Combine that with his good passing, and he becomes such a unique player (let alone pg).

8. Wall- I love Wall. He got a lot of undeserved flack his first couple of years playing with that immature team, but I still think he's one of the more talented guards in the NBA. He can play good defense, and can score the ball when he wants too. This year Wall is going to breakout, and finally show the world how good he really is.

9. Deron- Like CP3, I feel like Deron has really taken a step back, and just seems disinterested at times. He's still an amazing scorer, but he doesn't look for his team mates as much as he did in Utah, and it's made him a worse player.

10. Conley- Under rated, and a very good point guard. what can't he do? He shoots the three well, runs the offense well, doesn't turn the ball over, and is an incredible defender. I'm really proud of Conley, because I never thought he would live up to that 4th overall pick, but he's shown me other wise.

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"hasn't carried his teams

"hasn't carried his teams like the players above have"
Explain to me how Kyrie Irving has carried his team father then Chris Paul has the past 2 years? I love Kyrie but he isnt better then CP3, and he CERTAINLY isnt better then CP3 for the reasons you stated.

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depends on what I expect to

depends on what I expect to improve and play better next year..

1.Derrick Rose-he has to be great, he definitely will be great..I expect the same and better shooter Derrick Rose
2.Russell Westbrook- if only Rose isn't 100 110 % form Russ can catch the top, I have a feeling that the first legit injury in his carrier will make him to take another leap in his game..don't be surprised to see like 25/6/7 stats especially when Durant started to think he better pass more than scorer.
3.CP3-if not the improvements and healthy of the other two than CP is the best, enough said..

4.Tony Parker

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