NBA Playoffs Sleepers- Charlotte Bobcats

Who is your NBA sleeper?

I like the Charlotte Bobcats. I actually predicted they would make the playoffs this year, at this time Im not necassarily predicting an upset but they would be a handful for any team they play in Round 1. Charlotte is currently in 7th just behind Washington for 6th and are playing the Wizards today. They could easily have a 1st round match with any of Miami, Indiana, Toronto, or Chicago and give any of those teams fits.

Led by big man Al Jefferson and PG Kemba Walker Charlotte is a team made of hungry young players, most of which have waited to experience the playoffs, very good defenders and smart players from winning programs.

The X-Factor for this team is Kemba Walker. He has had some horrendus shooting performances as of late including a 6/22 FG Shooting and 0/10 3-PT performance against Washington. Although he also added 10 assists and 9/10 FT in that game for a win. Over the last ten games Kemba has averaged 17.3 Shots Per Game hitting 6.3 for 36.4%. Kemba does contribute in other ways but that type of FG% will not cut it in the playoffs.

Lets not forget though, Kemba is clutch. His march madness performance with Uconn was one of the greatest of alltime and perhaps the greatest performance Ive ever seen. I expect tournament basketball to bring the best out of him.

Another champion MKG should be a valuable piece in playoff basketball. They have drafted and signed alot of players from prestigous programs that expect ti be successful McRoberts-Pacers/Duke, Henderson-Duke, MKG-Kentucky, Neal-Spurs, Jeff Taylor-Vanderbilt.

With possibly the best low post offensive F/C in the league, Captain Clutch Kemba Walker, players with winning attitudes, and good defensive role players Charlotte could surprise some people.

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They play Washington on

They play Washington on Wednesday. Im so excited for the playoffs and to see who plays who.

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I think you are absolutely

I think you are absolutely right. This is another reason for Indy to try and get the #1 seed. Charlotte will be handful for them in the opening series.

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I like the way Zeller has

I like the way Zeller has played the last three games, specifically, on defense. The last three games whoever he has guarded has shot pitiful percentages (unless I missed a game somewhere). McRoberts has done very well and is a big offensive facilitator, but I like to see Zeller get some run.

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I've actually got to see

I've actually got to see Kemba a lot more this year than years last. My wife and I went to quite a few games this year in Charlotte and watching this kid sometimes is just absolutely jaw dropping. The clutch gene definitely runs through his body as it seemed time after time I watched him single ha deadly get his team back in the game or drive down and pull up for huge game changing threes. The biggest issue for the Bobcats outside of the fact only he and Henderson can create offense on the perimeter (Ben Gordon rarely gets pt) is the fact they have too few of plays. Watching them they seem to only run the 4 plays and after a while I usually have it scouted and figured out how to defend so I'm sure opposin coaches have no problem figuring it out. Kemba as offensive usage needs to go up IMO and allow him to handle the ball more and be given more free reign because the system Charlotte runs simply doesn't play to his strengths nearly enough.

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