NBA Playoffs

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NBA Playoffs

I was at the Boston vs. Chicago game yesterday and had an amazing time at one of the best games I've gone to, and it was in the playoffs with a much higher intensity. I later watched ESPNEWS and it had a program alert that said it would be on ESPN Classic today at 4pm CST.

It was my second playoff game(1st-1997-Hawks vs. Bulls) with another star, not the caliber of Jordan yet, but still an overall great PG duel and apparently a Classic game. I was just wondering if anybody saw that game and if they were at another game like it.

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...Why do so many people

...Why do so many people post threads that have nothing to do with the draft on the NBA draft board?

Here's a little help:

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Have you seen I'll-Farouq-a man. He's the worst of them all. Ofcourse I haven't posted anything myself. I guess that needs to change right now.

p.s. Rose will not win a title in Chicago. By the time Lebron is done, Rose will be a washed up 4th option on some other team that wins a title, if he's lucky.

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