NBA one giant leap closer to Seattle return

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NBA one giant leap closer to Seattle return

Chris Hansen has done his part. The hardest part of this comeback quest is all but over now. The Seattle City Council has reached an agreement with Hansen on his $490 million arena plan. And for once, the city's annoying affinity for process, debate and universal pacification appears to have resulted in a digestible situation for Hansen, the Port of Seattle and all businesses concerned with how even more Sodo congestion will affect their bottom line. ...

It gives Seattle an opportunity to get the NBA back on its own terms, which is only proper given the way the league uprooted the team and moved it to Oklahoma City four years ago after 41 years in the Emerald City.

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I think Chris should be the

I think Chris should be the best offensive center that I’ve played with here in my career. I’m not sure defensively, but I think offensively he’s good, scoring in the post, shoot 16-17 footers. I think we should be able to play fine off each other. I think getting Darren (Collison) was a big move. We definitely needed a point guard.

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