NBA MVP Power Poll

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NBA MVP Power Poll

Here is my quick take on the MVP race so far. We are getting a little separation, and will narrow it down even more by the All Star Break. Gonna go with 25 guys here, which is probably a bit steep in terms of viable MVP candidates. The number of NBA players who are still viable MVP candidates (realistically) is probably 5-10 guys.

I kinda have these guys in tiers. Based on a combination of personal production, team production, and then is the player's team on the upswing?

NBA MVP Power Poll.

1. James Harden -- great stats. Got their revenge on the Grizz last night. Harden gets the top nod for the Rockets' overall success so far this season. And, they have weathered the storm of CP3 being out (although he wasn't super effective yet).

2. Greek Freak -- stats. highlights. team is solid, but not as good as the W's, C's, and Rockets although they HAVE won their last two. If Giannis gets the MVP this year I think he will have to thank Eric Bledsoe.

3. Steph Curry -- best player on the best team.

4. DeMarcus Cousins -- numbers. Pelicans' record is ok too. If the playoffs started today they would be in.

5. Kyie Irving -- his stats aren't actually as good as I thought they would be, but his team is winning (they even won without him). You could put Kyrie at 2 in this poll and I would be cool with that...

6. LeBron James -- Haven't even looked at his stats, and his team isn't good, but without LeBron, the Cavs would be a mid-tier G League team.

7. Kristaps Porzingas -- one of the East's best young unicorns in a conference with lots of young unicorns.

8. Anthony Davis -- if NO had a better record I would have him a bit higher, although a lot of guys are having solid years production wise.

9. Andre Drummond -- 14 and 14 ain't shabby. His FT% is higher this season. Could be lower -- probably a lot lower but his Pistons have a really nice record right now.

10. John Wall

11. DeMar DeRozan

12. Marc Gasol -- looks a bit winded as does the Grizzlies, but they are holding up well with reinforcements on the way.

13. Russell Westbrook -- disappointing stats, efficiency, and team record.

14. Damian Lillard -- why do I have him below Wall and Russ? Not sure. Probably reputation...

15. Joel Embiid -- not even playing every game but has had an exceptionally positive impact on the Sixers.

16. Evan Fournier -- Orlando's representative in this MVP race.

17. Ben Simmons -- hasn't attempted a 3 yet (I don't think) and is allergic to jumpers but the Sixers look like a playoff team.

18. Nikola Jokic -- a very good young big on a Nuggets team that has been playing better as of late.

19. Blake Griffin

20. LaMarcus Aldridge

21. Klay Thompson

22. Aaon Gordon

23. Kemba Walker

24. Victor Oladipo

25. Clint Capela -- Eric Gordon is balling out. Ryan Anderson is chucking 3's, but Capela is rebounding, the only thing on the Rockets roster that is CLOSE to being a rim protector, and a perpetual alley-oop target. The Rockets' formula of James Harden with the rock, Capela inside, surrounding by 3 other shooters is one that is working. Might not be anywhere NEAR the MVP race at the end of the year and will probably end up with fewer All Star Game votes than Lonzo Ball, but he is an important player right now, and, for my money, is the leader in the Most Improved Player award.

Remaining MVP candidates: Harden, Giannis, Steph Curry, Cousins, AD, Kyrie Irving, Porzingas, Drummond, Wall, DeRozan, Marc Gasol, Russell Westbrook, Embiid, Simmons, then finally one of the Magic's young guns (Fournier or Gordon or Vucevic) IF the Magic remains near the very top of the East.

About to be dropped: Lillard (Blazers look solid but not like world beaters, good stats but nothing HOF worthy), Jokic (ditto), Blake (see above), and Aldridge (see above and I see the Spurs falling back soon IF Kawhi Leonard has an untimely return).

OUT: Kemba and Oladipo. Thanks for playing. I don't see their teams being much more than fringe contenders or trendy first round upset picks. Capela should just be happy to be here and will be satisfied with the MIP award. Also out: Kawhi Leonard, almost too late to get in this MVP thing even if he came back NEXT WEEK. The Spurs might end the year on fire, but right now their record is somewhat above solid but not spectacular. Also out: teams usually don't have 3 legit MVP picks, and Klay is Golden State's third wheel.

WILDCARD PICK: The owner of the TEAM LONZO fantasy basketball team aka Eric Bledsoe. The Bucks are 2-0 with E Bled after having had a slump just before he arrived. So, technically he was an MVP candidate of last week.

ROY: Ben "1st/2nd Team All NBA" Simmons

DPOY: This is 2017 in the NBA, ya'll and Kawhi Leonard is hurt. NOBODY.

6th man of the year: Tyreke Evans.

MIP: As I mentioned before, Clint "Dirty Harry" Capela aka the 25th guy on my 25 man MVP Power Poll.

Comeback Player of the Year: this hasn't been an active award in decades but they SHOULD have it. Carmelo Anthony? Sure, why not. Carmelo, thanks for playing!

Coach of the Year: Brad Stevens sounds like a popular pick here, but they do have a solid roster and you think he would be coaching a fundamentally solid team. Mike D'Antoni, using other petrics, like let's be the first team that takes more 3's than shots. They also apply Coach Cal's U of M Joey Dorsey theory: centers should just rebound, block shots, and throw down alley-oops. Plus, they look like a monster team. I am gonna go with D'Antoni here. COY never ties. This might be the first year. 3rd place: Mavs coach? Carlisle? Tough to balance Dirk's last year or two, showcasing rookie stud Dennis Smith, Jr., and doing a FLAT OUT FULL METAL TANK JOB without making everybody mad. Thanks Slick Rick! You are MY PICK for the COACH OF THE YEAR!

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Too Early

for this s*it lol. Not even 4 weeks of play yet

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We have an All Star Game

We have an All Star Game thread...

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I might do this once a week.

I might do this once a week. I don't care about losing points. lol

Capela with 20 and 17 tonight. Nice job big man!

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Another thing I might do is

Another thing I might do is eliminate players from MVP contention each week.

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Gotta add Lonzo to that list

Gotta add Lonzo to that list

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I'm telling everyone right

I'm telling everyone right now, this is setting up perfectly to be kyries year, at least for MVP. Everyone expected the Celtics to be done when Hayward went down. They manage to rally and still win the east, which from the looks of things is a very realistic possibility. Since kyrie is the only true star on the team, he will get rewarded for the teams success. I can see it now.

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I really think James Harden is gonna win it this year

Harden has played at Such a high level for several years now

Harden had the misfortune to finish a razor close 2nd in a year (2015) where Steph Curry has a historic year & then 2 years later (2017) Harden has another Monster season when Russell Westbrook also has a Historic year avg a Triple Doub

I know there is a lot of momentum this year for Lebron b/c let's face it Lebron could win it every year but I'd really like to see James Harden get recognition for his own greatness.

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Let me know when he plays

Let me know when he plays some defence and I'll consider it. Until then...

Great offensive player, liability on the other end. Look at other SG's who won the MVP. Kobe, Jordan - both transcendent offensive talents, but were able to defend as well. Until Harden adds that to his game he will always be that step below greatness in my opinion. He has the tools, just won't use them.

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Most of the guys near the top

Most of the guys near the top of my list aren't notable defenders. Haven't watched Giannis closely, but if he plays great defense then that might be the difference maker.

So it's Harden with Kyrie and Steph on his heels.

And I forgot to put Durant in my power poll... he would be somewhere between 7 and 12.

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I've been tracking every

I've been tracking every award since day 1 and here is my MVP rankings

1. James Harden

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo

3. Kristaps Porzingis

4. Kyrie Irving

5. DeMarcus Cousins

6. Kevin Durant

7. Stephen Curry

8. Anthony Davis

9. Blake Griffin

10. LaMarcus Aldridge

Next 5: LeBron James, Ben Simmons, Damian Lillard, Marc Gasol, John Wall

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LaMarcus Aldridge above

LaMarcus Aldridge above Lebron and wall, that will do me!

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