NBA Lottery Re-Draft - 2010

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NBA Lottery Re-Draft - 2010

The 2010 NBA draft lottery, like all others, featured the usual number of "hits" and "misses" that we've come to expect. It make re-visiting teams selections that much more fun though, since we have a large enough sample size to determine the validity of the GM's picks. 2010 had a nice mix of star power & quality role players, so let's take a look at how it could have shaped out differently:

#1.) Paul George (Wizards) – Given that Paul George was the best player on one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference the past couple seasons, he gets the nod for #1 overall. George has tremendous versatility on offense, and has All Defensive Team potential as well. Too many skills and upside to pass over for #1.

#2.) John Wall (Sixers) – It’s rare to have a true point guard with the physical attributes Wall possesses. His length, athleticism, court awareness on both sides of the ball, and freakish speed give him perennial all star potential. As soon as Wall refines his shooting, Memphis big man Zach Randolph may have to pass on his nickname of “First name 20, last name 10” to Wall in the very near future.

#3.) DeMarcus Cousins (Nets) – DeMarcus Cousins is a beast. He turned in his most promising season yet, and really kept his cool down the stretch last season showing improved maturity. The main condition keeping him out of the #2 spot is his team’s dismal record, which probably has more to do with brutal West than anything else.

#4.) Eric Bledsoe (Jazz) – An exceptional talent. Bledsoe proved that he has All Star ability, and is still just scratching the surface of his potential. Comparison’s to a prime Steve Francis have been made, but I think his ceiling is even higher due to his basketball IQ, team-first mentality, and high FG%.

#5.) Derrick Favors (Kings) – Favors claims the #5 spot over the likes of Monroe & Hayward due to his untapped upside. He disappointed slightly in the 2013-2014 season, but most pundits point towards former coach Ty Corbin for stunting his growth. Regardless, he still averaged 13PTS, 9REBS, 1.5BLKS with upside to do more.

#6.) Greg Monroe (Warriors) – Monroe is an offensive “savant” in the paint. But limited range on his jumper & lack of shot blocking place Monroe a tad behind Favors. The Josh Smith signing will likely hinder his development as well, meaning a trade or FA move is likely in the future for the big fella.

#7.) Gordon Hayward (Pistons) – At 24 years old, Hayward was one of only four players to average 15PTS, 5REBS, 5ASST last season. He may not be a #1 option for a contending team, but his well rounded play more than proved his upside as a good #2 option on a playoff team.

#8.) Lance Stephenson (Clippers) – There’s no doubting Lance Stephenson’s talent. He can handle the ball, shoot the 3, and strongly defend the opposition’s top wing player. But similar to Larry Sanders, there are some question marks about his attitude and how good of a locker room presence he really is.

#9.) Larry Sanders (Jazz) – Sanders is tough to peg. On one hand he has a skill set to annually compete for DPOY, but his attitude, injury history, and just overall regression last season raise red flags. But 7’ Centers with his athleticism do not grow on trees, and he still has plenty of time to rebound from last year’s disastrous season.

#10.) Avery Bradley (Pacers) – Injuries and shooting ability are the biggest concerns with the talented 2 guard. He did however have a stretch where he drained 13-16 three point attempts to close out the 2014 season, so there is potential there. In addition, he’s an elite defensive player. Can he stay healthy?

#11.) Evan Turner (Pelicans) – Evan was miscast as a go to guy with Philadelphia. He never really developed his jumper & struggled badly with turnovers, but does possess the size and athleticism to cover the elite SF’s of the NBA. Also possesses good court vision. 11 seems like an appropriate spot for him.

#12.) Greivis Vasquez (Grizzlies) – Vasquez has proved that he can dish the rock, and can occasionally go off in the scoring column. He has great size for PG position, but often gets abused defensively by quicker, more athletic PG’s. His ability to play the 2 in spurts helps create a spot for him within the late lottery.

#13.) Patrick Patterson (Raptors) – Patterson has become one of the better bench pieces in the entire NBA. He also has the ability to score in bunches, and can hold his own in the post defensively. A great teammate, and really took to his role. A nice “get” at number 13.

#14.) Jordan Crawford (Rockets) – Jordan Crawford claims the last spot within the lottery, mostly due to his improved court vision and basketball IQ in his 4th professional season. Traded to Golden State, he showed great improvement in court awareness & setting up teammates as the starting PG. Still has some upside.

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Still think Wall would go

Still think Wall would go number one

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Wall still goes #1 to me.

Wall still goes #1 to me. Wizards had a terrible roster early on, Wall's first off season was in a lockout(personally believe all those summer league hurt more than helped) and a few injuries slowed Wall down.

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Well, it would appear Larry

Well, it would appear Larry Bird dominated the 2010 draft.

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the jazz did not have the 4th

the jazz did not have the 4th pick in 2010 as I recall. If you're referring to how they got Derrick Favors then you're mistaken. They didn't get Favors until just before the trade deadline like a few hours before it came. And it was the third pick they got from the nets or in other words Favors. If you want to look to see who had the fourth pick back in 2010 then just look at the history on this same site. Even trades that happened on draft night are there and I can assure you the jazz did not have the 4th pick. They had the 9th that came from the Knicks. I would know I love the Jazz. I think any fan would what pick(s) their favorite team has a certain year.

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Yeah, the jazz had the third

Yeah, the jazz had the third pick and the timberwolves had the 4th pick, which I guess it is kind of fitting you left it off of the redraft because wes Johnson did nothing for us and we had to trade away a first round pick just to get him off of the team

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If you want to get technical the Jazz only had the 9th pick

Well on draft night, phila, the Jazz did not have the 3rd pick. The Jazz didnt get Favors until the trade deadline in Febraury of 2011. Favors' rookie season. So if a draft re-do was done the 3rd pick would still go to the Nets since the Nets still had the 3rd pick, the Wolves would get the 4th pick and the Jazz would still have the 9th.

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Jeremy Lin went undrafted in

Jeremy Lin went undrafted in 2010. I'd take him over Crawford.

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I think Monroe would get picked over

I think Monroe would get picked over Bledsoe and Favors.

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