NBA Live 14 or 2k14?

This year, the promise is that NBA Live is making a reappearance in the NBA video games market, with the planned release of NBA Live 14. Of course, the saying "once bitten, twice shy" comes to mind here -- the team at EA has disappointed us one to many times. The last NBA Live series game that actually hit our shelves on full retail release was NBA Live '10 -- all the way back in late 2009. Since then we've had a series of stops and starts as they attempted to re-brand the franchise as Elite 11 the following year (in an ill-fated move), before not even entering the market in the '12 series, and then cancelling the planned release of NBA Live '13, after deciding that the game was not up to scratch.

Do you think that NBA live 14 will actually be a success? Do you think that it will be a bust? Do you think that NBA live will be a better game compared to 2k14? or Do you think 2k14 with triumph over NBA live once again?

Let me know your opinion on how good/bad of a game NBA live 14 will be as a whole, as well as how good of a game it might be compared to 2k.

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Either of that two, they are

Either of that two, they are all good game to play on. But I can't wait on that, so I rather play online slot machine games and enjoying it every now and then.

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hopefully i can get the new

hopefully i can get the new XBOX system so i can be able to play NBA Live 14. Whenever I buy these games here is what I do. See below

1) On one of the games I pick an eastern conference team (using a lottery or top five bad team) and the other game a western conference team.

2) I write down some of my own stats in notebooks like this: Draft Order, Team Name, Player Name, Player Position, Player Height, Player Weight, Player College and after that on NBA 2K I list what player type he is. By listing what player type he is I then can build my team to what I want. I don't create a powerhouse like the Miami Heat necessarily. I do build up though. I picked Phoenix Suns on NBA 2K12 because Nash, Carter and Hill had experiencing contracts at the same time. Yes the first year I made it but didn't get past the second round. I then sign Chris Paul and Michael Beasley. Beasley was leading in scoring for me. After Beasley's contract ran out I then went out and signed Roy Hibbert. The next season Chris Paul's contract was up so I went and got Derrick Rose. I made some moves. I traded off some of my young talent and end up getting Kevin Love. Then later off I also got Evan Turner. I traded Roy Hibbert and Kevin Love to Chicago Bulls for Joakim Noah and Danilo Gallinari. I have a young pf named Melvin Logan who is in his second season. I have been pumping up his offense, quickness and speed. He averages for me about 12-15 PPG. I now have a starting five of Noah, Logan, Gallinari, Turner, D-Rose and having Carlos Boozer, Nene and Courtney Lee coming off the bench. I need to improve my bench for next year at the wing positions. I will have two draft picks in the first round and two draft picks in the second round. I am exciting for my Phoenix Suns franchise as we are top five in defense. Am going to draft some scorers this next season. This sounds exhausting to many but I have a heck of a time doing this.

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