NBA Fantasy Sleepers

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NBA Fantasy Sleepers

So lately Ive been seeing some fantasy threads sprinkled throughout the forum with knowledgable posters taking interests. Im in a league that goes REAL DEEP on the roster size and Ive been trying to find some late round talent/sleepers. Being that it is so deep, almost anything helps this late in the draft. Be it multiple position player, 1 category specialist, rookies primed to shine, or the out of nowhere players that go beast-mode. We go 20 deep on our rosters and here are some players Im looking at and why. Hoping others will share their players theyre keeping secret and want to share the wealth


Royce White: has to be multi-position players, right? Not to mention the talent

Jared Sullinger: rebounds, draws fouls, the occasional double-double night.

Tyler Zeller: points, rebounds, occasional blocks, fg%, only legit center in cle


Jeff Green: sf/pf elligible. coming off an injury many people have just forgot about

Alonzo Gee: put up solid numbers last year, not a lot of depth at sf in cle

Tristan Thompson: double-doubles, blocks, no competition at the pf spot in cle either

Richard Hamilton: someone has to shoot it in chicago while rose is out, right?

Corey Maggette: FT specialist galore and the occational high scoring output.

JJ Barea: no rubio = more minutes and productivity

Taj Gibson: obvious productivity many will sleep on during the draft

Mario Chalmers: finished as a top 100 fantasy players last year

Gordon Hayward: multiple position and a category filler

Shawn Marion: still productive and get those defensive stats


Andre Drummond: potential to be a stud or barely see any playing time

Derrick Williams: Will he improve or not get a lot of minutes again?

Devin Harris: Used to be productive, change of scenery, will he start or back up?

Kirk Hinrich: Starter by default, but how good will he be?

Bismack Biyombo: good for blocks, but anything else?

Nick Young: can score, but hurts % in the process

BJ Mullens: Center elligible, hits 3's, but how much time will he get?

Dion Waiters: will be depended on to score, but how much success will he have doing it?

Eric Bledsoe: when is this guy going to get some run?

Andray Blatche: nutcase on a deep team, but used to be productive

Anthony Morrow: 3pt stud, then disappears. new team, new success?

Like I said, these are just some players Im looking at deep in a draft. Hoping everyone can add to the list with some input to help all of us out in all of our drafts.

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Javale Mcgee's going to have

Javale Mcgee's going to have a breakout season, at least fantasy wise.

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Lamar Odom, if he gets it

Lamar Odom, if he gets it going again, will be a solid pickup.

I think Pek is underrated. He's like in the 130s according to Yahoo's rankings. I've been snagging him for every draft.

And I've been able to snag Dwight Howard in the 2nd round. Humble brag, maybe, but injuries have affected fantasy studs like Howard and Rose.

I think Asik will slip too. He'll definitely get more PT

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Lamar Odom, if he gets it


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