NBA Draft: Nate Wolters the best point guard in the draft?

nate wolters is currently 18th on the mock draft and is only behind marcus smart and cj mcCollum who are both listed as combo guards. So walters is the first pure point guard taken on this site.

Who is he and whats a scouting report on him? Could he really be a top 20 pick and possibly lottery?

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not a very good 3 point

not a very good 3 point shooter or defender, but a very good passer and great scoring ability. Not really sure who to compare him to, maybe Jeremy Lin in that he's not a great shooter but can score really well and is a good passer.

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Talented, but might have a limited upside

A very talented and crafty player, with a natural feel for how to run a team, play pick & roll, and consistently show that he has the ability to be a consistent scoring threat with very good ball handling and shooting skills. He's also a very good decision maker who plays calm and cool in big games. What I like is that at times he shows alot of mental toughness as doesn't back down when playing against individuals who might be more talented then him. He also has the ability on the college level to make the big play or big shot, when his team needs it the most. Love him, and he has the potential to develop into a solid starting or back-up point guard

NBA Comparison:

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Jeremy Lin and Luke Ridnour

Jeremy Lin and Luke Ridnour are 2 good comparisions,becuz he's good in the pick & roll,shifty ball handler, and passer....He started getting nba talk after he opened alot of people eyes when he scored over 30 points in a game against a very athletic Washington Husky team last season....

If he had better range he might slip into the late lottery for sure......

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hes been shoointg lights out

hes been shoointg lights out this season so far making 12 of 23 attepms from 3 point range for 52 percent through 6 games

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