NBA Draft: Could Marcus Smart really be a top 5 pick?

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NBA Draft: Could Marcus Smart really be a top 5 pick?

it seems that everybody on site and other draft experts have quickly jumped on the marcus smart bandwagon. he is currently siting at number 6 on this site and others experts like chad ford say he could be a top 5 by seasons end.

james harden, chris paul, dion waiters, dejuan wagner are the most comparisions ive heard.

Whats his game like and whats a scouting report on him? Player Comparison? Could he really be a top 5 pick and a franchise point guard?

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My Past Scouting Report On Marcus Smart

My Past Scouting Report On Marcus Smart

I just love is overall talent, advanced skill level, and very high basketball I.Q. The game comes very easy to him, and he has a knack for making the right play at the right time. He's also tough, versitile, a winner, and can play multiple positions, but will most likely have more success as a point guard, where he can have the ball in his hands to be a great playmaker, passer, and decision maker. I think that he will also surprise people with his underated athleticism, strength, and ability to utilize very good footwork, balance, and bodycontrol when posting up and attacking defenders off the dribble. I think he'll catch nba scouts attention with his craftiness and ability to play the game of basketball the right way and in a very efficitient manner that will lead to many wins for the oklahoma state cowboys

Weaknesses :

  1. Can he play the point guard position at a high level in the NBA?
  2. Is he a star or is he just a great role player?
  3. He's a very efficient ballhandler who only dribbles with a needed purpose. But does he have the ball handling creativity and instincts to break down any defense and get to anywhere he needs to get to on the court ( Like Kyrie Irving or like Steve Nash )
  4. Will his lack of explosive athleticism hurt his abiliy to be a dynamic shot creator and shot maker in the NBA or will his craftiness, good footwork, balance, and bodycontrol stll allow him to be a very effective scorer in the NBA?

NBA Comparison

Best Case Scenario: Dwayne Wade ( less athletic )

Worst Case Scenario: Dominique Jones With A Jumpshot

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You got some pretty good

You got some pretty good scouting reports, just work on the player comparisons; they tend to in people the wrong way

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i really think the marcus

i really think the marcus smart bandwagon has a legitimate reason...this guy is the real deal, i believe he SHOULD be a top 5 pick but you never know in the draft

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i like him too

he does not have all the greatest physical attributes, but his is a really smart player, no pun intented, he has a good handle, and he is a really good passer. also he is a great leader, possibly his best attribute. point guards are supposed to be great leaders. on the offensive end he will bully a lot of point guards in the nba with his brute streghnth. he reminds me of billips kinda. very very good player who will be in the league for a while, and since this is a weak draft i think he will be a top 5 pick if he continues at the pace hes playing this year.

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There is 2 types of hype on

There is 2 types of hype on this site. One is where Aran puts a player as No1 and all the sheep just follow. eg. Harrison Barnes, Perry Jones, Andre Drummond. The second type is from numerous members all agreeing on the same player. eg. Smart and Polythress are getting quite a bit of hype of late

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Why !

Rodney purvis isn't getting any love ! the majority of the thread that i've read talk about marcus smart and how he's top 10 talent etc ... But rodney purvis played great in that game and he's having a good freshmen year so far. In my opinion based on talent purvis should be out there with the smarts and bazz noels ....

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I would like to take this

I would like to take this time to point out that I was on the bandwagon before there was one:

Sun, 07/22/2012 - 7:34am ItsDwightHoward ItsDwightHoward's picture Registered User Joined: 08/11/2009 Posts: 1373 Points: 2888 Online

I'm higher than most on I'm higher than most on Marcus Smart and feel his best position in the NBA will be at SG. He's got a mature body, strong frame, attacks the basket and is a tough defender who can pass and rebound in addition to put the ball in the hoop.

And yes I think Smart is a top 5 pick when all is said and done.

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I don't what's with this

I don't what's with this site's DaJaun Wagner comparison. Their playing styles aren't similar at all.

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I like Smart but I'm not sure

I like Smart but I'm not sure I'd take him in the top 5.

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im on his bandwaggon 100%

im on his bandwaggon 100% too..especially if he can play PG, and im sure he can! he isn't turnover prone at least considering he is 18, his court vision i believe is easily the best out of top prospects (did you see his touch pass?)

and he may be not the quickest pg but who cares he is 6'4 225 monster! like LeBron of point guard's body wise lol

he will get to the best and when won't he has some range too, Smart already has made numerous of NBA range threes this season without effort..

and with that being said still offense isn't his best attribute, he can be killer on D, his 7rebs 4stls 4blks game against NCSU and Brown was something special, he looks like Kidd type of defender who can be triple double machine because he just has nose for a ball(same with those blocks and steals) and offcourse that huge body only helps..

and let's say even if he won't be PG i still would take this "combo" top10..but my hopes are even bigger i see him as a point and i wouldn't be surprised to see him in TOP3!!

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I definitely would take the

I definitely would take the number 1, this guy is the real deal.

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