NBA Draft

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NBA Draft

Here's my 1st Round Draft Pick's with small trade's on the bottom. Bash Away.

1. Charlotte Anthony Davis 6-10 220 PF Kentucky
2. Washington Bradley Beal 6-4 205 SG Florida
3. Cleveland Andre Drummond 6-11 270 C Connecticut
4. New Orleans Thomas Robinson 6-8 240 PF Kansas
5. Sacramento Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 6-6 215 SF Kentucky
6. Portland Harrison Barnes 6-8 225 SF North Carolina
7. Golden State Jeremy Lamb 6-5 185 SG Connecticut
8. Toronto Tyler Zeller 6-11 240 C North Carolina
9. Detroit Jared Sullinger 6-10 280 PF Ohio State
10. New Orleans Damian Lillard 6-2 190 PG Weber State
11. Portland Kendall Marshall 6-4 195 PG North Carolina
12. Milwaukee Meyers Leonard 7-0 245 C Illinois
13. Phoenix Austin Rivers 6-4 205 SG Duke
14. Houston Perry Jones 6-11 235 PF Baylor
15. Philadelphia Marquis Teague 6-2 190 PG Kentucky
16. Houston Quincy Miller 6-9 210 SF Baylor
17. Dallas Terrence Jones 6-8 245 SF Kentucky
18. Minnesota John Henson 6-10 220 PF North Carolina
19. Orlando Moe Harkless 6-8 220 SF St. Johns
20. Denver Dion Waiters 6-4 215 PG Syracuse
21. Boston Arnett Moultrie 6-10 230 PF Mississippi State
22. Boston Royce White 6-8 250 SF Iowa State
23. Atlanta Fab Melo 7-0 255 C Syracuse
24. Cleveland Terrence Ross 6-6 195 SG Washington
25. Memphis Doron Lamb 6-4 200 SG Kentucky
26. Indiana Festus Ezeli 6-11 255 C Vanderbilt
27. Miami Andrew Nicholson 6-9 225 PF St. Bonaventure
28. Oklahoma Cty Draymond Green 6-6 235 PF Michigan State
29. Chicago Tony Wroten 6-5 205 PG Washington
30. Golden State Scott Machado 6-1 180 PG Iona

To Portland: Power Forward Ed Davis and Centre Tyler Zeller
To Toronto: Small Forward Harrison Barnes

To Minnesota: Shooting Guard Tyreke Evens
To Sacramento: Power Forward Derrick Williams and Point Guard J.J. Berea

To Boston: Centre Robin Lopez and Shooing Guard Austin Rivers
To Phoenix: Point Guard Rajon Rondo

To LA Lakers: 27th Overall Draft Pick
To Miami: Cash

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Nice overall, though I don't

Nice overall, though I don't think the Raps would go for Zeller when they have Valanciunas, Bargnani, Ed Davis and Amir Johnson in the fold and idk how Lamb would fit in GS's backcourt with two other young super-shooting guards.

But yeah, pretty the idea of Sullinger to Detroit to pair with Monroe, Meyers Leonard would land in a great spot to fill Bogut's shoes in MIL, and the Kings would obviously shit themselves if they could get Gilchrist.

And I'm really starting to come around on Beal at #2 if the Wizards keep the pick. Wall needs a running mate and Beal is a terrific shooter to spread the a tough defender and he has great shot selection for a young 2-guard. They're not going to be a winning team with Jordan Crawford starting. They have Nene down low to score, Seraphin came on incredibly strong at the end of the year and even after a very poor rookie year, Vesely is due some minutes in the frontcourt. I will go Beal over T-Rob if I'm the wizards.

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If Minnesota got Tyreke Evans

If Minnesota got Tyreke Evans they'd be a scary ass team next season.

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The 13th pick and Robin Lopez

The 13th pick and Robin Lopez is not enough trade value for the Celtics to give up Rondo imo. Even if their getting Rivers.

And I don't see philly drafting a pg when they have Jrue Holiday and Lou Will... I would slide someone like John Henson, or Moultrie in that spot instead.

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I would hope Danny Ainge

I would hope Danny Ainge would be competent enough to not trade Rondo for robin lopez and the 13th pick...

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Golden State badly needs Kidd

Golden State badly needs Kidd Gilchrist. They have the shooting, but they need to compete. MKG and Bogut might be enough to cover for Klay and Lee.

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Minny would do better with

Minny would do better with Thornton than Evans. They need a shooter.
Why would you have two non shooter in the backcourt. Evans and Rubio both need the ball and both are not good shooters.

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Minny could keep the pick and

Minny could keep the pick and get a shooting guard or trade for Eric Gordon or even Ben Gordon.

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I love T.Ross falling all the way to the Cavs, but I dont see him dropping that far. Nice mock overall though

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Can't see MKG dropping all

Can't see MKG dropping all the way to 5.

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Raptors are not taking Tyler Zeller with Jonas Valanciunas coming in next season. Raps are desparate for wings and 3 point shooting. I think they would go (according to your mock) Damian Lillard, Perry Jones or Austin Rivers before Tyler...

Although I noticed Chad Ford and DX have Jeremy Lamb going later. I think the Raps would take Jeremy Lamb before all the ones I mentioned.

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Top Eight Picks With Comments

1. Charlotte Davis: Best player in the Draft.

2. Washington Beal: Washington only has 3 Guards coming into the 2012 Draft (Wall, Crawford and Mack.)

3. Cleveland Drummond: Varejao and Thompson make for a nice Forward/Centre combo.

4. New Orleans Robinson: With Kaman and Landry being UFA. The Hornets are left with Okafor, Smith, Ayon and Watkins as there only Forwards.

5. Sacramento MKG: The Kings could go with Barnes as well. Easy pick they need a Small Foward and a Point Guard, and Marshall or Lillard is way to high for the 5th Pick Overall.

6. Portland Barnes: This pick is traded to Toronto (Raptors) need a SF and draft the play the Kings don't.

7. Golden State Lamb: Warriors miss out on MKG and Barnes unless they Draft T.Jones or Q.Miller I think they draft Lamb and at 6-5 185 he could play some minutes at Forward?

8. Toronto Zeller: This pick is traded to Portland along with Ed Davis. The Blazers get a Centre to play with Aldridge and a back up Forward/Centre in Davis.

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I think Quincy Miller at 16th

I think Quincy Miller at 16th is a bit of a reach and I dont see Tony Wroten slipping all the way to 29th

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The Cavs might want to look

The Cavs might want to look at MKG. He is a glue guy with a lot of upside as a slashing 3/2. Irving can hit from the outside so they don't need as much outside shooting as they would otherwise.

I think he might end up being one of the top 2 or 3 guys in the draft. TT and Andy are decent up front and they can get another big man next year.

If Drummond was a 7 foot project with a great motor then that would be one thing. But he is only 6'10 and doesn't have a great motor. TT is 6'10 and raw. No reason to draft two of the same type of players in back to back drafts.

MKG will be a do-everything starter at a minimum. A great core player to build around. Then next year they could either go with a shooting guard or an inside player.

They already have their playmaker and outside shooter along with TT inside (supposedly the power forward of the future). Why not go after one of the best guys in the draft NOW? A swing man that they can really use. That would give them a point guard, a small forward, and a big man to build around.

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