NBA: Is Damian Lillard really one of the best Rookie Point Guards in the last 5 years?

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NBA: Is Damian Lillard really one of the best Rookie Point Guards in the last 5 years?

accorind to ESPN David Thorpe

Lillard showed us all during the Las Vegas summer league games that he is among the most talented point guards to enter the league in the past five seasons. He is even more polished than Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook when they first arrived in the NBA, yet more explosive than most any other of the previous rookie point guards that we have seen.

How Good is Damian Lillard and could he have a better Rookie Season than Kyrie Irving?

BQ: Who is a better Shooter Kyrie Irving or Damian Lillard?

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kyrie was the star of the

kyrie was the star of the team, so was john wall. ...lillard has LA and batum (who portland is high on)

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Damian Lillard is good, but

Damian Lillard is good, but David Aldridge is a prick. Lillard will more than likely not have a better rookie season than Kyrie Irving. Irving's rookie season was full of spectacular plays like the epic drive against the Utah Jazz and of course the various game-winning plays such as the full court drive against Aaron Affalo against the Nuggets or the spectacular shot with 5 secs to go against the Boston Celtics.

I expect Lillard to have a very good rookie season, but Kyrie will have the better rookie sseason when its all said and done, and the better career IMO. And to answer your question about the better shooter, Kyrie. Remember the spectaculr shooting display he put on in the rookie/soph showcase??? He clearly has a great stroke compared to fellas like Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo, the only real knock on his game would be he doesnt have the elite level of athleticism the top PG's have. But none the less, IMO he is already a top10-12 PG in this league

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I like Lilard but he's no

I like Lilard but he's no Kyrie Irving...

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Let this man play a game

Let this man play a game first, yes he looked amazing in SL but so did Anthony Randolph!

Im not saying Lillard will be a bust but already compairing him to D-Rose(MVP), Russell Westbrook(Top 5 PG) and Kyrie Irving(Top 10 PG) is absurd for now.

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Rose, Irving, Wall, Rubio,

Rose, Irving, Wall, Rubio, Curry, Tyreke Evans, Jennings, Ty Lawson, Jrue Holiday, Brandon Knight, Jeff Teague are all from the last 5 drafts. I don't see Lillard being better than more than 3 of the players mentioned above.

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I can see him being better

I can see him being better than Curry, Tyreke, Jennings, Lawson, Holiday, Knight and Teague, i'm not saying he will be but I can see it. He went 6 in a very deep draft and a lot of experts were saying he went to low.

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^^^ you cant really say that

^^^ you cant really say that if you've never seen him play.

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I like

I like

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A few yrs of college

Rose was a freshman when he came into the league and Westbrook had 2 years playing out of position at UCLA. Lillard played 4 seasons at Weber, of course he'll have more polish than a freshy or a soph coming into the league.

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Lets wait until he plays an

Lets wait until he plays an actual game before we crown him

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Lillard wouldn't have even

Lillard wouldn't have even been the second best pg if he was a rookie last year.

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OMFG there are a ton of Lilliard fanboys out there

Lilliard will not a better Pg than Irving next season, he will not win Rookie of the Year and he will be a house hold name like Kyrie either...

I am shocked people think Lilliard can be better than Irving, Wall, Rubio, Holiday or Jennings...I think Brandon Knight, Jeff Teague and Jeremy Lin will be miles ahead of Lilliard too...Damian looks like Mo Williams Jr. to me...

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I'd only watched a little of

I'd only watched a little of Lillard before summer league... I came away very impressed with him. Not because of the numbers he put up versus summer league competition, but just because all of the other things.

For example, he doesn't just know how to run the pick and roll... He's VERY GOOD at it. He knows what he's doing and attacks. He shoots it with range it if you go under. He'll drive it. He'll split the defenders. And athletically, he's not a freak athlete, but he's close to elite. He will explode at the rim and finish through contact. He really does have a body similar to Derrick Rose, where he's got that strength to keep you on his hip.

Another thing I like about him is his change of pace and body control. He plays at different speeds and just has that stop and go, then change direction ability. It's one or two dribbles and boom... He's gone.

I didn't care about the box scores... Once I saw these things, I was impressed... He's going to be a very good NBA player as long as he's given the opportunity to play his game.

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This Kid has to be one of the hottest topics of conversation on here right now... I refuse to be accused as a hater, he did his thing in the summer... IN THE SUMMER LEAGUE!! Let him play against what the NBA really has to offer him and the summer isn't it. There wasn't any NBA All-Stars playing the summer league. And the guys he played against were young inexperinced rookies either trying to prove themselves to the team that picked them or trying hard as the can just to make a team. Do people really put that much weight on summer league play? I feel like I keep saying this over and over... Let the Boy play in a real NBA game first. Please? And to answer the question in my opinion no he's not top5 five of the last 5years...

2011- Irving, Rubio, Knight

2010- Wall and Bledsoe(could really be something special I think)

2009- Steph, Jennings, Holiday, Lawson, Teague, Maynor

2008- Rose and Westbrook

no way he's top 5 coming in. But everybody likes something new.

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Aldrige and the media are

Aldrige and the media are just trying to add a little hype and drama to the incoming rookie class. Just let Lillard be Lillard and not have to play with all of these outlandish expectations.

Completely unfair to Lillard imo.

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All im saying is this Johnny

All im saying is this Johnny Flynn won MVP of the Las Vegas Summer League and look at him now.....sure he's been through some adversity but regardless of the fact, when Minnesota drafted him they expected big things from Flynn.

Don't let the SL make you put all your marbles into a player, you will be disappointed.

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Better rookie season than

Better rookie season than Kyrie? no

Better shooter than Kyrie? close call but ill give him the thumbs up

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LOL @ people getting on David Aldridge when it's David Thorpe who wrote it.

He looks like a very good player because of what Indiana Basketball said but again I would like to to see him play in the league consistently before I see how good he is in comparison to Kyrie's rookie season. I think he is as good a shooter but you do have to consider Kyrie did what he did at 19 years old and little help.

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all i can say this is getting

all i can say this is getting out of control..

yes his SL was great but it was supposed to be great to 6th pick who was called nba ready..

BUT he is still no even close Irving as being spectacular player and his athleticism can't be compared with freaks Rose and Westbrook plus he still didn't show playmaking ability..aaaan his is like 3yrs older as a rookie than those guys were..

he will be all right but please he isn't a STAR

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Best teams Lillard faced at

Best teams Lillard faced at Weber State last year-
Montana 3 games: 22-57 (38.6%), 23.1% from 3, 23 PPG, 5.7 Reb, 3.7 Ast, 1.7 TO
Loyola Marymount: 6-17 shooting, 1-9 from 3, 27 Points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 5 turnovers
Cal: 4-17 shooting, 3-10 from three, 14 Points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 0 turnovers
BYU: 5-12 shooting, 1-4 from three, 15 Points, 10 rebounds (all defensive), 2 assists, 3 turnovers
St. Mary's: 11-18 shooting, 2-5 from three, 36 Points, 2 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 turnover
Utah State: 4-16 shooting, 2-9 from three, 17 Points, 2 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 turnover

STOP IT! Just because it is the dead period of the basketball year, it doesn't mean people have to fill the emptiness with stupidity.

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This is too premature

This is really premature, clearly ESPN are struggling with stories at the moment......

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