The NBA Combine needs to be bigger.

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The NBA Combine needs to be bigger.

First off, Anyone who saw it can tell me thier opinion on this- Wasn't Len Elmore annoying?

Anyway, The NBA combine was on this weekend. It was interesting and yet, I felt as if it should be bigger. With only 60 picks- We should make the NBA Combine more bigger. Here are some of the things I feel they should do.

1. Either you're in or out. No coming in just to get measured. I want all the players who want to/ have to do it, do it. John Wall and Evan Turner in my eyes- Hurt this down the line. If they want to get measured, wait till 1 on 1 meetings.

2. Combine Orlando, Chicago workouts- Correct me if I'm wrong. Chicago is where they usually play games while Orlando is where players do workouts and drills. Why not just combine them? I say make this a week to 2 week process. Have the drills one week and with at least 60-80 players there- make teams and have a week of games.

3. Change the announcers. I like Jay Williams being a Duke guy but- Get him outta there. Len Elmore? Bye. If the NBA is going big on this they need a 3 man team of Jay Bilas, Chad Ford and Joe Larnardi. That's it.

Tell me your thoughts and such. Also, be on the lookout for Mock Draft 2.0 coming out either today or tomorrow.

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i think they need to make it

i think they need to make it more like the NFL combine

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Bigger? With only 60 picks why invite people who have no chance of getting drafted? They have team workouts for all the extra players.

I will say that Len Elmore shouldn't be on tv. He just kept yelling at everyone. Was he in charge????

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nfl combine

It is much diff than nfl combine. the nfl combine matters more. Nba is more about skill and hands nfl is more about speed and strength. Look at Joe Alexander, he didnt even get a contract extension. His numbers were off the charts, meanwhile durant couldnt lift 180lbs and he is getting MVP considerations.

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thank u bobby b this means

thank u bobby b this means nuthing

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