NBA Coaches on the road!

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NBA Coaches on the road!

Which married or non married, NBA coaches do you think have affairs on the road, Who would be you're top 3?

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Here's my top 3

1. I
2. Don't
3. Care

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I bet Tom Thibodeau would get the least. He's either looking at film, pulling his hair out worrying about the games, or stressing about something. Not saying that other coaches don't do those things, but Thibs is crazy. People often joke that he doesn't have a life outside of basketball and he sleeps at the Berto Center. Just watch him on the sidelines and his twitching hand, intensity, and constant screaming. He is unique. I think I have witnessed him sit down maybe 7 minutes total the entire time he has been the head coach. He doesn't look or act like a guy who relieves his stress.

Pops is similar and really ugly, and Thibs benches around 400 lbs. so maybe I'm wrong.

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