NBA Coaches on the Hot Seat

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NBA Coaches on the Hot Seat

1) Tyrone Corbin, UTAH
Coach Corbin has struggled to implement a winning mentality in his players as they (appear to be) collapsing in front of our very eyes. I expect this team to undergo serious renovations this offseason, dumping the veterans who are stagnating the improvements of the younger generation (burks, hayward, favors, and kanter). This team got destroyed in the 1st round of last seasons playoffs to the Spurs. Corbin frustrates the living snot out of me with his coaching style. And I think with the talent this team could have, there are plenty of coaches out there that are better suited for the position.

2) Lawrence Frank, DETROIT
This team consistently loses, and doesn't improve one bit while doing it. I understand Joe Dumars really handcuffed Frank with his atrocious signings (gordon/villanueva) but it doesnt help that Frank hasn't been able to get out of the cellar in the east. Expect Dumars and Frank to both be on the hot seat this offseason.

3) Mike Dunlap, CHARLOTTE
The initial hiring of Dunlap drew a lot of scrutiny. He barely won at St. John's, how was he going to win in the NBA? This season has proven he is not the right fit for the job. This team hasn't gotten any better.

4) Keith Smart, SACRAMENTO
Coach Smart, is the opposite of what his last name means. He's been unable to corrale a wide group of personalities into a cohesive machine. His best player gets ejected every other game, he cant seem to find a fit for Tyreke, this experiment has been disastrous. Goodbye coach Smart.

5) Randy Wittman, WASHINGTON
Shocking, I know, that Wittman is still employed by the Wizards...His Wizards team was 2nd to last in the East last year in wins and this season he's managed just a .362 winning percentage. Wittman's Wizards are underperforming and young. They need to a guy to come in there and turn this team around before its too late. Maybe Fred Hoiberg?

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Mike Dunlap like doubled our

Mike Dunlap like doubled our wins from last year. He's not the best coach around but damn dude you can't make a souffle from a shit sandwich.

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Mike D'Antoni in LA is on the

Mike D'Antoni in LA is on the hot seat. Especially if they get swept in the first round. Lakers fans are used to winning.

If he does get fired, I wonder if UCLA gives him a call. His offensive system may work better in college.

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wont get fired because the team has improved in wins.....not many coaches could win with this roster....and his main job was to develop players and he has....kemba walker has improved...henderson has as of late...and if you watch biyombo compared to last year he looks way more confident with his moves....MKG's jumpshot has also gotten better....Dunlap will probably finish his contract which ends next year i believe...but for now he has done his job of developing players and getting some wins

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He might not be on the hot seat, but if they do sub par in the playoffs like I believe the clippers will, Del Negro shouldn't be the coach next year.. I mean he's really not that good of a coach in my opinion..

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why would Detroit fire

why would Detroit fire frank.... the pistons have been tanking for the last month and a half

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Trust and believe Wittman

Trust and believe Wittman would not be on your list if he had Wall earlier on in the season.

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Lakers can't afford to put

Lakers can't afford to put DÁntoni on the hot seat. They're still paying Mike Brown and are headed towards paying close to 80 mil in taxes next year. They're gave coach D a three year deal. All in all Jim Buss really blew this one.

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A lot of the coaches you

A lot of the coaches you named really dont have any kind of roster. I guess i could see Corbin, but i thought they actually over-acheived this year. The rest will probablyy coach their contracts out and walk.

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1) Tyrone Corbin, UTAH -

1) Tyrone Corbin, UTAH - Corbin yes, he's a pretty awful coach and doesn't recognise the value of his young guys. Lacks creativity and was hired to continue the work of Sloan, but should be an assistant coach.

2) Lawrence Frank, DETROIT - Nope, Frank has been doing a good job with what he's had, and his role has been to develop the young guys; his work with bringing Drummond in particular along slowly paid dividends and I expect the Pistons to be a much improved team with the lessons learned from Frank this season - this is a VERY young team, you can't expect too much and constantly changing coaches because they are rebuilding is silly. He hasn't lost the locker room, so there's no reason to fire him.

3) Mike Dunlap, CHARLOTTE - I think he was a dud hire because he tried to bring college to the NBA and while it worked initially, once NBA teams scouted his system they were able to easily counter it and he hasn't been able to adjust. That said, he shouldn't be fired because his primary role is to develop players at the moment, especially because this team remains without a star player to build around, you gotta get that Durant, Lebron or Rose type piece before you try to get out of the lottery.

4) Keith Smart, SACRAMENTO - Yeah I want him gone, I think he gets by by befriending players, but they don't respect him and he lacks ingenuity as a coach; he isn't the right coach for a team that needs direction and guidance, he's better suited to coaching veterans (if at all).

5) Randy Wittman, WASHINGTON - Honestly, I was of the opinion Wittman was terrible, but looking at the teams he's put on the floor, he hasn't been able to do much with them for a reason. However, the Wizards' record now that Wall is back and Wittman has a star player is evidence that his coaching really isn't as bad as people think, the Wizards were just unfortunate with injuries early on.

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Toronto Raptors

Dwayne Casey is definitely on the hot seat. There were rumours that Casey and Colangelo are not on the same page. And Casey's rotation really make me question his ability to coach.

Crazy as it sounds I'd love to have Patrick Ewing, Stan Van Gundy, Fred Hoiberg as coaching candidates for us.

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