NBA: Better Player in 5 Years Stephen Curry or Damian Lillard?

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NBA: Better Player in 5 Years Stephen Curry or Damian Lillard?

Who do you see being the better player in 5 years Curry or Lillard? Who is more talented and has more potential? Will any of them ever make the All Star Team?

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That's a little tough to

That's a little tough to answer. I saw Lillard in SL and he was dead nice. He has alot of elements to his game as a rookie that other young pg's don't have yet. l. Steph has been great but he has suffered two major injuries to his ankle by only his 3rd year,(not to mention other times he tweaked it and sat down a little) So if Steph can come back unhindered by his ankle it would be closer, but right now I would say Lillard.

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Before I continue, I think

Before I continue, I think most posters will just answer "who'll be better in 5 years" in these posts you just put up :-)
Now I love Curry, and I hate to compare a rookie that has yet to taste a real NBA game, but Lilliard looks nasty. I think we're all pulling for him to succeed and I think he will due to his aggressiveness. He's a guy that wants to prove doubters wrong. In 5 years, his goal probably is to make everyone say he should have been picked ahead of Davis. I mean all prospects should think that, but I think he has the best opportunity to do this.

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This one is hard to do

Because Curry's career is at risk of being perminantly derailed (what is going to happen if he need another ankle surgery?). Gimme a full, healthy season of each before I make a decision. Both players are very talented, curry is a better shooter and seems to be a better passer, but Lillard has close to elite level athleticism and will prob be able to get to the line when his shot is not falling. that said, gimme curry, because i think he is btter at playing off the ball than lillard and I think now that there are so many combo guards out there, playing w/o the ball is an important skill for pgs.

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Baring injury i don't think

Baring injury i don't think it will be as close as the numbers might say. When they were making the payton comparisons to lilliard i was like omg dont do that to this kid. After watching him in summer league I'm convinced he MAY end up being that good. I'm not basing it off stats, it just looks like his stuff will translate well into real NBA games.

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I think Lillard will be. Curry is injury prone and his career may be in jeopardy due to his latest injury. Lillard has impressed many during the summer league. Lillard has 20 points and 5 assist potential.

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I hate Steph Curry longterm to be honest

I would absolutely hate having to build around him or Lilliard at Pg, Lilliard does however seem like the more durable Pg, but Steph cant stay on the floor to save his life...I take Lilliard if were a GM planning for the future, but if I were a coach I'd have to take the older sharp shooter that could play anywhere he wanted to , I think would be best used as a 6th man, and Lillirad could become a similar player to Steph or Monte Ellis/Mo Williams, I see a homeless man's Derrick Rose too...

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I think it depends on the

I think it depends on the health of both but I actually favor Lillard only because he has shown athlecism that is gear toward the new NBA style and he can also shoot. Curry may have shooting on here but Lillard appears more athletic. I am a big fan of Curry but he needs to stay healthy. I think if both or healthy either point guard would be great for any team but I give the age to Lillard.

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Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard

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without injury history i

without injury history i would like curry. but considering his injury history i like lillard long term...

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for all those choosing

for all those choosing lillard over curry...

does that put him in the league's top 10? cus curry is top 10

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those people are choosing Lillard for in 5 years time. That has little do with top 10's now.

I would like to see Lillard play his rookie year before judging his potential to be better than Curry.

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i would go with lillard

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Im not sure to early to

Im not sure to early to say

But one thing I will say is I was VERY IMPRESSED with Lillard each game I saw him in SL, the guy looked like he had been there before, and once again I thought they were overhyping his athleticism just because he dominated at Weber State, that is until I watched SL and he was possibly the most athletic guard there after Bledsoe.

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For the time being, I'm going

For the time being, I'm going to go with Stephen Curry, this is barring he can stay healthy and his ankle is improved. Stephen Curry is a proven product who is actually going to get better by Golden State's addition by subtraction. He no longer has to share the ball handling duties with Monta Ellis. Klay Thompson can dribble and pass the ball but he isn't a true facilitator. He's a 18 point, 6 assists, 2 steals, 4 rebound player, a 47% shooter, and 44 percent shooter from 3 and 90% from the line. He's also only 2 years older than Damien Lillard.

Everyone is excited about Damien Lillard but he's still only proven in the Mountain West and the NBA summer league, 2 places that don't have that many NBA players. We always say don't get excited about Summer League but that's exactly what everyone is doing with Lillard. Look at Brandon Jennings, one of my favorite players and he can still improve. His summer league stats as a whole were better than Lillards but barely anyone calls him a top 10 point guard like some are already calling Lillard.

The Blazers system also has never been friendly to a point guard. Lillard is going to produce just like Damon Stoudemire, around 16 and 7 at best. How is Damien Lillard any different from Armon Johnson or Jerryd Bayless? 6'3, well built athletic, scoring guards. Didn't work in the Blazers system though. Steve Blake, Andre Miller, Sergio Rodriguez, Jeff Mclinnis, none of these players really produced at the point in Portland. Also since around 2000, the Blazers have been a shooting guard operated offense. Scottie Pippen, Brandon Roy, Derek Anderson. Also they drafted Nolan Smith another point guard last year. Once again Portland making bad moves..

Maybe you can tell i'm not sold on lillard but Stephen Curry is a proven product and on a Steve Nash style improvement curve.

I take Stephen Curry All Day, Every Day.

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I'd be stunned if Damian

I'd be stunned if Damian Lillard ends up being better than George Hill.

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hmm... that last comment of

hmm... that last comment of mine was quite stupid. i had just woken up and i didn't have time to read, had to go to school.

anyway, only because of injuries i would have to go with lillard.

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