NBA Ball: Is Victor Oladipo a future All Star?

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NBA Ball: Is Victor Oladipo a future All Star?

Does Oladipo have all star potential? During the season I didn't really get the Oladipo hype and wondered why some had him as a top 3 pick. But the more I watched him and the more I learned about him on and off the court, the more I liked and just like most people became 1 of my favorite players from the draft class.

He played really well in summer especially for a guy who has never played point guard before, though he did turn the ball over quite a bit.. The 2 things that have surprised me has been his 3 point shooting which he shot 7-11 in 4 games, which isn't a big sample size but still good to see and also his ability to get to the free throw line. He got line nearly 9 times per game which is really impressive.

So how good will he be? What's his potential? everybody talks about his work ethic and how much better he got at indiana every year, which makes believe his potential is still very high. i never got the wade comparisons other than size and athletism cause wade was more skilled offensively, ball handling wise and passing. But I also think that dipo will end up being much better than tony Allen.

I Think he has the potential to be the best pereimter degender in the league while being the ultimate glue guy and a teams 2nd or 3rd option.I'm not sure if he will be an all star but with his work ethic and desire to get better i wouldn't be surprised.

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i never thought that oladipo

i never thought that oladipo had a great deal of ability offensively but after summer league i am going to say yes. his jumpshot looks improved and he definitely has a great work ethic. hes definitely not gonna be a full time point guard in the nba like the magic were trying to kindve show him as in summer league but i think at the two guard with his defensive ability, his work ethic, his improving jumpshot, and his somewhat improving ballhandling i think he'll be an all-star. But he's not gonna be a perennial all-star

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I dont think he will ever be

I dont think he will ever be an all-star on a good team. I think if he ends up on a contending team, his best years statistically will be something like 15 points, 5 boards, 3-5 assists, 2 steals and 1 block, playing as a 3rd or 4th option and a defensive lockdown guy. If he plays on perennially bad teams though, I could see him making a few all-star games, because if he is the first option his stats will no doubt be inflated a little bit.

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I would say the exact

I would say the exact opposite. I don't think he'll be the type to put up gaudy, star numbers, but playing on a really good, contending team would increase his likelihood of making a few IMO.
Coaches pick the reserves. They can see through empty stats on bad teams. They also recognize game and reward team success regardless of the numbers. Look at some recent selections like : Lu Deng, Tay Prince, Iguodala. Their raw numbers weren't all that impressive on paper. Now, he still has to put up SOME numbers, but I think he has the all-around game to put up a respectable line. It would be his all-around game and 2 way play, combined with team success that would get him the recognition

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if they let him play is natural position!

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When I look at Victor

When I look at Victor Oladipo, I see Sidney Moncrief. I think he is going to be good.

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My concern is if Rob Hennigan

My concern is if Rob Hennigan actually goes through with this "Westbrook" experiment and keep him running the point. It's great if it drives him to improve his handle and working off the dribble while still tanking to get a top talent in the 2014 draft. If he improves dramatically, maybe one day he could be an allstar point guard, but with the talent ahead of him at that position I don't think it would be possible. If he slides over to the two and improves his playmaking skills a bit, I could absolutely see him being an all star shooting guard. He has the talent at a position where there are many great options but few elite players.

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I think he has as good a

I think he has as good a chance as any player in the 2013 draft of being an all-star. His ability to get to the rim and finish once he gets there is special. He could turn into an outstanding scorer due to his ability to attack the rime both in transition and in half-court. As long as he continues to make his jump-shot enough to keep defenses honest and works on his ball-handling on the pick-and-roll, he has the ability to develop into an efficient 20 ppg scorer in the future.

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