NBA Ball: Terrence Ross has the most upside on the raptors?

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NBA Ball: Terrence Ross has the most upside on the raptors?

Dwane Casey says that Terrence Ross has the most upside on the team. Casey says the talent is there and that there isn't a better athlete in the league and that bringing it on a consistent basis is his own personal challenge.

How surprised r u that Casey said that with guys like Gay, Derozan and Valaciunas on the team? How good can Ross be and what's his potential?

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Although I think Dwane is

Although I think Dwane is saying that he has the most upside more to motivate him, Terrence definitely has the tools be very good. He has a better outside shot than Demar when he came into the league and just as good athleticism. However I think the Rudy Gay trade kinda hurt Terrence and the only way we'd see if Terrence would be a star would be if the Raptors traded Rudy or Demar.

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Speaking of the Raptors, well that's not really saying much...

But the Raptors do have some tools in the tool box to build with. But the current tools can't build a playoff team yet.

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He could be trying to

He could be trying to motivate them all by that statement

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I would hope that Casey

I would hope that Casey wouldn't say Gay has the most upside of anyone on the Raptors. I mean he is what he is by this point in his career.

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He knows himself Jonas V has

He knows himself Jonas V has the most potential. He's just saying this not to only get Ross to work harder, but everyone else also.

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I think Casey is just trying

I think Casey is just trying to shed a positive light on the fact that Ross has been extremely lackluster so far.

On the other hand Ross is a great athlete with a pretty sweet jumpshot for someone his age.

Regardless, it is not something we should be over analyzing too much. Coaches say a lot of things.

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Gay and Derozen

it could be a good thing having those two guys there. Yes, there is a chance Ross blows up and those two end up simply taking away minutes Ross should get. Ross has the potential to make that situation a reality.

But, Gay has only 2 more years on his deal. That's enough time to see the development slope of Ross and that probably will be the main factor in how the Raptors handle Gay's upcoming free agency. Derozen is signed long term, but Gay could be gone right as Ross starts turning into a stud.

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Jonas V has more potential

Jonas V has more potential and will most likely fulfill that potential. I like TRoss but his upside isn't as high and the likelihood of him fulfilling his potential like Jonas is unlikely.

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