NBA Ball: Is Jared Sullinger a MIP Canidate?

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NBA Ball: Is Jared Sullinger a MIP Canidate?

Jared sullinger looks like the favorite to start at power forward for the celtics this season and could end up being the 2nd option on the team behind Jeff green. Sullinger was having a solid rookie season until he needed back surgery and has been cleared for a few weeks now to resume all bball activities.

What do u expect from him this season? 15points and 10 rebounds? What's his potential and upside? How good can he be?

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i could see 15 and 10 if his

i could see 15 and 10 if his back issues are behind him. the thing is though is that's a big if. back problems just don't go away. i say sullinger will be the 4th option maybe battling with one of the other paint players in their lineup. and marshon brooks will shine as the second option. i think rondo might have to turn the corner and become just a tiny bit more selfish on this team and become the third option himself. and knowing rondo, he would be up for the challenge, as he has improved some part of his game every year. funny thing is sullinger was once considered as a top 5 pick the year before he came out.

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He's coming off of a lumbar

He's coming off of a lumbar herniated disc. He won't be a MIP candidate this season. Maybe next season.

He needs to put in major work on his body, especially his core, legs, etc. IF not, this won't be the last of his back issues.

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Definitly has to put work in

Definitly has to put work in on his body ( which he has) He red flag when he was drafted because his hamstrings were to tight which had the potential to cause back problems. It starts before the strength training with diet, warming up and stretching. However his back problems might be chronic, let's hope that not the case tho!

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The thing is if youre numbers

The thing is if youre numbers are improved just because you see more minutes, its different, and MIP should have improvements in percentages and per-36

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I honestly doubt he gets

I honestly doubt he gets enough minutes to be considered..him and Bass will probably split time.

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Hmm.. Like others mentioned

Hmm.. Like others mentioned or implied, there's a glut of players in the position he plays. Him and bass might get minutes at center despite thei lack of height. Joined there by olynik who will lodge pt at the 5 and pf position as well. And let's not forget Jeff green could see minutes at the four as well while Gerald Wallace will be at the 3 when those two are in the court at the same time.

End of the day, he has a shot, but I won't consider him as one of my top 5 off-season candidates for the award.

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I think the Boston lineup

I think the Boston lineup this year might surprise some people with the way it's constructed. Bass has become a serviceable player these last few years, and has started most of the games for the Celtics over the past two seasons. For some reason I don't see a sophomore player coming off a herniated disk demoting him to the bench. Rebounding isn't as important to the Celtics like it was last year either. Both Wallace and Humphries are good rebounders, and provide just as much as Sully at this point in his career. If Sullinger wants more minutes this year he better improve his post D and start playing some center, which he did do for stretches last year.

I also think he will have no chance at MIP. He's not even my favorite option on this team, as I could see Wallace putting up decent numbers in whats expected to be a run and gun/uptempo style of offense, and that would look good compared to his horrendous days with the Nets.

Also my favorites for the MIP right now are Tobias Harris, Mo Harkless, MKG, or one of the Jazz Big Men. I think we'll see a jump in all of those players stats this year, and as we all know, that's all you need to win the award.

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