NBA Ball: How does John Wall being out 8 weeks affect his All Star Chances this year?

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NBA Ball: How does John Wall being out 8 weeks affect his All Star Chances this year?

John Wall will be out atleast the first 14 games this year, but he could still play close to 70 games, so does he still have a good shot of making the All Star team this year? If the wizards are in the playoff hunt i think he should and will get in because his stats will always be there. he should average around 18ppg, 10apg 4-5rebounds 1.8steals and 1.0 block this year, which is definetly All Star worthy so his team just needs to win.

John Wall averaged 8.4 assists his rookie season which was the best by any rookie in the last 15 years. including ricky rubio an irving from this season

He averaged 0.9blocks last years which was the 2nd most by ANY guard but D-Wade. Wall averaged more blocks per game than Blake Griffin.

He was first this past season in FTA and FTM among point guards.

he averaged 5.7 fast break point 2nd best in the league behind lebron james.

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I dont really think he is at

I dont really think he is at an all-star level yet even if healthy. 16 points and 8 assists on 42% shooting while committing the second most turnovers per game in the league on a bad team isnt very impressive. Just watching him last year, i felt like he has a lot of room to grow to take advantage of that great ahtelticism and size for a pg.

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He has more to prove in his

He has more to prove in his 3rd year than making the all star team. It's his third year and now that he has a balanced roster of young guys and veterans he has to prove he can be a leader and get this team to the playoffs. If he doesn't show any significant improvement and still struggles with the same issues he had his rookie year(shooting, turnovers) Washington may think hard about sticking with him in the future as his contract is up after next year

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There are Steve Nash assists

There are Steve Nash assists and there are Stephon Marbury assists. Wall's fall more near the Marbury category, but some of it can attributed to the rosters he's had to deal with the last two years. There are no excuses this season and hopefully he figures it out.

NBA Ball: How does John Wall being out 8 weeks affect his All Star Chances this year?

Well it certainly doesn't help his chances....................................................

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Simple math

Wall may have one month plus a couple of weeks before the All-Star break. Rondo, DWill, Kyrie, Holiday, Jennings, and Brandon Knight will all have better stats than he can accumulate in that short amount of time. Add in that his team probably won't be any good, and his chances are slim/none.

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I don't think it's the loss

I don't think it's the loss of games that hurts his chances that much. It's the fact that he will miss all of the camps and preseason on top of a few regular season games. So, he will be a bit out of shape, his unsteady jumper will be even more unsteady to start and it is basically a whole new roster. He won't be able to build any chemistry until he gets back. It make take 15 to 20 games for all of those things to come back or start. So the Wizards may be 35 games in before Wall is where he needs to be. All Star game is about 50 games in, so yea, it hurts his chances.

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It hurts his chances but his

It hurts his chances but his focus should be on winning games, playing under control(turnovers), continuing to develop his PG skills, and making the playoffs. I'd rather see Wall in the playoffs Vs him being in an All-Star game. I mean what's really the point in him being an All-Star and the Wizards are still adding lottery picks.

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