NBA BAll: Doug Mcdermott invited to Team USA Mini Camp

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NBA BAll: Doug Mcdermott invited to Team USA Mini Camp

Doug McDermott has been invited to team usa mini camp next week, replacing the injured taj Gibson. Nothing against Doug, but how did he get invited yet no one from this past draft class did?

Can McDermott play small forward in the NBA? Hes plays mostly power forward in college and besides the ability to shoot, he doesn't really show any small forward skills. Where do you see him getting drafted? How good can he be?

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I think he will be a late

I think he will be a late first round pick next year, but outperform his draft position in the NBA. He is just incredibly skilled. His court awareness is second to none in college basketball and he has elite touch from all over the floor. I think he will play both forward positions in the NBA and make an impact spacing the floor and scoring in the post on SFs.

McDermott is too talented and has too good of a motor to be a bust. He will have to adjust his game in the NBA, but he has the skill level to get away with becoming more perimeter-oriented. Even if he isn't a great ball-handler, he should be an effective offensive SF due to his finishing ability, elite spot-up shooting, and constant movement. He is a very unique scorer, but I think shooting ability and ability to find holes in the defense will translate well to the NBA.

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He is a big guy who can

He is a big guy who can shoot, which is very, very valuable in international play!

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