NBA Ball: Best Player in 5 Years: Klay Thompson, Terrence Ross or Kentavious Caldwell-Pope?

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NBA Ball: Best Player in 5 Years: Klay Thompson, Terrence Ross or Kentavious Caldwell-Pope?

Out of Klay Thompson, Terrence Ross, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope who do you see being the best player between them in 5 years? Who has the most potetntial? Are any of them future All Stars or are they just 2nd or 3rd options at best role players?

Also which of the 3 was the most highly touted entering the draft?

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Best today: Klay

Best today: Klay Thompson

Best in 5 years: Klay Thompson

More potential: mmm Terrence Ross, would win for athletics, but never goes to the free line, do not see it being very dominant, i do not buy, win Klay Thompson.

Klay Thompson ceiling: best moment 21-4-4 / 2+ All-Stars

Terrence Ross ceiling: best moment 14-5-2 / Hard rival for 6th man award

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: best moment 12-4-2 / Rol player, and 1 or 2 starter seasons

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KCP and Ross are better

KCP and Ross are better athletes than Klay, and better defensive assets against NBA guards. So I wouldn't be surprised if one of these two eclipses Klay. However, Klay is the superior shooter and smarter player so he'll probably edge both out down the line.

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Today, Thompson wins

Today, Thompson wins easily

But in 5 years, Ima go with Terrence Ross

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I agree that Klay is the best

I agree that Klay is the best out of those 3 right now, but people are sleeping on KCP. He has the ability to shock some people in a few years

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if Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

if Kentavious Caldwell-Pope switched roles with Ben McLemore this season he would be a top 3 pick but instead he played for garbage Georgia and nobody saw how good he is

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Sorry I gotta be a homer and

Sorry I gotta be a homer and go with Ross.

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Not Klay Thompson. I haven't

Not Klay Thompson. I haven't seen enough of KCP, and Ross' minutes and shots are uncertain in Toronto, which might stifle his development unless DeRozan or Gay are traded, but either way, I don't like Thompson.

He's wildly inconsistent, a chucker, and a terrible defender - doesn't give any effort.

If his shot isn't falling, he isn't doing anything for your team.

Will be interesting to see how he goes in the playoffs, but yeah, not a fan of Thompson in 5 years or right now, although obviously he's better than the other two right now.

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Just because he shoots a lot,

Just because he shoots a lot, that does not make him a chucker. He shot 40% from 3, that's efficient.

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I think all of them have very

I think all of them have very good potential, but Ross definitely has the most upside due to his freak athleticism and great size for the position. He's already got good defensive instincts and a solid stroke that extends to the 3 point line. His minutes have been underwhelming, but he was performing more efficiently and looked more under control during his last month of play.

Hopefully the Raptors give him more of a sixth man role next season.

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Gotta go with Klay

Gotta go with Klay Thompson...

I was wrong about him coming out of college but this kid can score and is efficient on defense. Hes big enough to play the 3 and is athletic enough to finish at the rim.

I like Terrence Ross a lot too but ive seen so many players like him come and go. The best thing going for him is his playmaking ability, and he has a nice stroke from 3, when he gets hot.

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