The NBA and Testing for PED's

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The NBA and Testing for PED's

This is something that has bothered me for a while and today I see this article on

Basically the World Anti-Doping Agency stated the obvious; they disagree with the NBA's claim that PEDs are 'unlikely' to be effective in basketball, (they admitted this under oath to Congress in 2005...that might be a problem at some point) so there is no need to test for them. I personally am on WADA's side with this one. Performance enhancing drugs aren't called that because they make you worse at sports, and for us fans, the NBA, and anyone else to believe that a large percent of basketball players wouldn't use something like HGH to help them perform better is preposterous.

This is a subject that interests me so I figured I'd throw it out there and see if anyone has some input on it.

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That task got even tougher

That task got even tougher when Houston took part in a trade that sent out Martin and Lamb and brought in four new faces. James Harden could prove to be a godsend, especially if the Rockets offer him a maximum contract extension and he opts to stay long-term. Still, this team is very much a work in progress, and Patterson has his work cut out for him in achieving his goal. The starting power forward spot is easily the most competitive spot on the team.

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