NBA All Unappreciated Team

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NBA All Unappreciated Team

who is the most unappreicated player in each position right now?






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My Take

PG: Andre Miller

SG: Iggy

SF: Luol Deng

PF: Zach Randolph

C: Andrew Bogut

6th Man: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

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right now

PG: andre miller: always has been underappreciated IMO. playing so good it made brandon roy jealous, lol

SG: monta ellis: how did he not make the allstar team?

SF: gerald wallace

PF: david west

C: marcus camby: still putting up 11 rpg and nearly 2 bpg

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PG- Tony Parker Allstar snub,

PG- Tony Parker

Allstar snub, leads his team just to the best record ointhe league. Hes a former NBA Championship MVP, still one of the best PGs in the league despite our biast views on stats, and hes only like 26. Id see Miller but since hes a common choice I guess hes not undersppreciated at all lol.

SG- Manu Ginobli

Manu always finds a way to dodge recognition and accolades and Im extremely happy hes been put on this years Allstar team. This guys isnt going for a scoring title, he isnt breaking any records, he just wins games. He is having a career year and a huge bounce back from last year during contract complications.

SF-Paul Pierce

Yeah I know Im choosing a very household name here, although the problem is we arent giving this guy that kinda respect around the league. Pierce deserves annual MVP consideration yet never gets it. All people seem to remember are his "fakin incidents" yet he deserves much more recognition then what we give. This is an Elite player in our game and a possible Hall of Fame Wing.

PF-Luis Scola

At the beggining of the year alot of people were catching on to his enormous talents, but then seemed to forget the level he plays at. Scola is a double double machine and the perfect grunge PF for any team. The Argentinian is one of the best players on the world stage and in the NBA. (Not Top 10 but you get the picture).

C-Tim Duncan

Time to set the record straight, this is another true MVP, as in the actaul definition. Without Duncan San Antonio isnt going anywhere, he is their vocal leader, floor leader, locker room leader, extra coach, best player, and Most Valueable Player. Hearing people say he is not an Allstar is a complete joke. Lack of respect for the greatest PF of All Time!

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I agree with you list

I agree with you list OhCanada except that i would switch Paul Pierce with Rudy Gay, just my opinion..

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Tony Parker: 2001 Round 1 28th Overall

Manu Ginobili: 1999 Round 2 57th Overall

Dejuan Blair: 2009 Round 2 37th Overall

Tiago Splitter: 2007 Round 1 28th Overall

George Hill: 2008 Round 1 26th Overall

Gary Neal: 2007 Undrafted

Damn can u say that GM is a freakin Gem Finder this guys must be out in the rocks all day looking for these diamonds in the rough

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Leftovers16 1. What does that


1. What does that have to say with the current topic?

2. Everybody knows the Spurs know how to draft, no big deal there.

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PG Westbrook SG Joe

PG Westbrook

SG Joe Johnson....just kidding Stephen Jackson

SF Deng

PF Randolph

C Aldridge

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OhCanana, your have a pretty

OhCanana, your have a pretty kick-ass list there. I agree that Parker can look like the best PG in the world on any given night.

I think that Pierce should be a HOFer when all said and done. Manu and Pierce are "pure ballers" defined.

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PG. Jrue Holiday SG. Eric

PG. Jrue Holiday

SG. Eric Gordon

SF. Luol Deng

PF. Lamarcus Aldridge

C. Emeka Okafor

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Augustin Ellis Battier Randol






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Letovers dont forget how they

Letovers dont forget how they scout and recuit players within the league like they did with this one guy named...Oh idk Matt Bonner...

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PG:Tony Parker - Most

PG:Tony Parker - Most underrated Point guard, Former finals mvp, Averages 17 3 and 6 Leads the best team in the nba, and shoots over 50%

SG:Kevin Martin - One of the most efficient scorers in the nba (45 points 18 FGA , 40 points 19 FGA, 37 points 26 FGA, 36 Points 23 FGA etc)

SF:Rudy Gay - He just can't get over that hump, to the franchise player hump

PF:Luis Scola - Luis Scola is one of the toughest players every day, and probably has one of the best low post games in the NBA. He never quits, hustles for every play. He has never missed a game in his NBA Career

C:Marc Gasol - Plays behind his brothers shadow

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PG-Andre Miller SG-Monta

PG-Andre Miller

SG-Monta Ellis

SF-Gerald Wallace

PF-Luis Scola

C-Marc Gasol

6th man-Jamaal Crawford

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Pg- Jason Kidd- The last few

Pg- Jason Kidd- The last few years he has become an absolute knock down shooter while still being a great floor general/rebound pg.

Sg- Jason Richardson- I don't see many players like J-Rich who have had multiple 40 point games and still don't get much love. Sure he has almost always been a gimmicky system, but the man has a solid offensive game.

Sf- Gerald Smith- Was only the third player to average 2 steals and 2 blocks per game.

Pf- Luis Scola/Paul Millsap- Both double-double machines that play a smart, smooth offensive game and hit the boards hard for the entire game.

C- Nene- When he is assertive he can become completely dominant, although it doens't happen enough for him to get recognition.

Bench player-Luke Ridnour- Although he is now starting in Minny(don't ask me why) I feel is the league's best back-up point due to his floor vision and ability to avoid mistakes. He is also a very solid shooter from downtown.

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PG Kyle Lowry - a hard nosed

PG Kyle Lowry - a hard nosed defender and floor general, should receive more pub as his playing time increases.

SG Kevin Martin - one of the best pure shooters in the league, absolutely snubbed from the three point shootout

SF Luol Deng - All I hear is criticism about the size of his contract and how much better the bulls would be with an upgrade but people forget that he is a good player. A good scorer and rebounder who plays a team game and doesn't demand the ball, he's also improving defensively to the point where he's one of the best on the team.

PF Josh Smith - At a position which increasingly has mediocre defenders (as Garnett and Duncan get older), Smith should soon be the best of the bunch. Not just a high flier, Smith can block shots, steal, pass and rebound with some of the best forwards in the league and 16 PPG is nothing to dismiss either. Still just 25 years old!

C Marcin Gortat - I have a feeling he's not going to be under appreciated for long as he will make a name for himself in Phoenix in no time.

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My team would beat any team

My team would beat any team here and probally win a championship.

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PG - Tony Parker, Ray

PG - Tony Parker, Ray Felton

SG - Manu Ginobili, Monta Ellis

SF - Danny Granger

PF - Zach Randolph

C - Andrew Bogut

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PG- Tony Parker SG- Monta

PG- Tony Parker

SG- Monta Ellis

SF- Luol Deng

PF- Luis Scola

C- Andrew Bogut

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OhCanada, any team with Kevin

OhCanada, any team with Kevin Martin and Rudy Gay as the stars IMO aren't going to win. Who else on your team is going to get to shoot. Martin is going to get eaten alive come playofs when stuff gets more physical lol.

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