The NBA All-Star Weekend

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The NBA All-Star Weekend

The Nba all-star weekend is still one of my favorite events to watch in all of professional sports. But, it has gotten really boring and repetitive as of late, and some changes need to be made. The NHL has recently ditched the traditional all-star game and turned it into more of a pick-up playground style game, where the two top vote getters are captains and pick their own teams. I'm not necessarily suggesting something directly along the lines of that, but they need to spice up the all-star weekend- especially the main event itself. Does anybody have any good ideas that they think would make it better???Here's mine:

1. Have a Hoop-Summit style all-star game, in which the American born stars take on all of the foreign stars. With the NBA trying to expand globally it woudn't hurt to have a game that matches foreign vs. U.S.

2. Have more mini-events such as baseline to baseline dribbling speed, horse competition, etc.

3. Expand the dunk contest to at least six people, and always include one rookie. If the three point shootout can have six competitiors why can't the dunk contest???

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They need to do everything to

They need to do everything to get stars into the main event the Slam dunk contest. They should push hard & maybe even pay extra to guys like Lebron,Durant,Wade,Melo,etc The top stars in the league to do the dunk contest like how it used to be with Dr.J,MJ,dominque,Kobe,VC,etc. I dont know if its they're afraid of doing it & losing but that really would be something great 2 watch.

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Have teams in the dunk

Have teams in the dunk contest. for example the Raptors would be Derozan, Weems and Amir johnson. You could choose like 4 teams for that.

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i think the dunk contest is

i think the dunk contest is damn near dead. If i was in charge, i would make the dunk contset every other year. This would add more build up and anticipation and give the dunkers more time to prepare dunks.

I have always loved the 3 point contest and dont want to see that change at all.

The horse contest is lame

The team thing where a nba, nba legend and wnba player shoot from spots while timed is cool.

The pg speed drill is cool.

I wouldnt add anything else and i think the main focus should be on the actual all-star game.

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People would love to see

People would love to see LeBron dunk as well as myself, but I really don't think LeBron is a creative dunker even though he deserves to be in there more than any other guy that could be considered. LeBron is a good in game dunker because he has the ability to dunk with so much power and over almost anyone. Either he would win by simply being LeBron James or he would lose.

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true story

Derrick Rose's dunk to seal the skills contest would've won the dunk contest this year....

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Making the actual All-Star

Making the actual All-Star game more competitive would be nice. Watching teams play horrible D makes the whole thing just silly. I understand players don't want to hurt themselves, but grow a pair and show some pride in your conference.

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