NBA 2k14

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NBA 2k14

I'm sure some of you have played Association in 2k14, and can share the joy I'm feeling since they FINALLY fixed contract negotiations! Gone are the times when 77 overall players ask for 10+ mil a year!

On a side note, any of you play the Lebron mode yet? Almost done with the Heat dynasty one, and man can I say 2k really used their imaginations. There's a matchup against an OKC team with Westbrook, Jeremy Lamb, Durant, Anthony Davis and Roy Hibbert all one team..

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How do you like association

How do you like association mode? What makes it different from last year? Last year FA sucked because most players stayed with there current team. Also the draft sucked because I team like the Celtics might have two top 15 picks and draft a SG with both because that's there need. It's like team IQ's were horrible when it came to drafting. Any feedback would be appreciated, I won't start the Association until actual rosters are set.

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FA has improved, teams

FA has improved, teams roster building iq not so much. First Year off season I saw the Kings pick a Sg who pretty much was a McLemore clone with a top 5 pick. Teams also are cutting all rookies from this past Draft who weren't lotto picks it seems. I pretty much have to turn off computer-computer trading to prevent even more foolish moves from happening.

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other teams' IQ during trades

other teams' IQ during trades still looks questionable at best.

A couple examples (I play with Raptors): Lowry to Wolves for Rubio. Then Derozan+Fields to 76ers for J.Richardson and two first round picks (wish this could happen IRL..)

And it's always too easy to rack up first round picks for just below average players. At least that's what happens in the pc version.

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NBA 2K14 Review.

I know it's always the same game on recycle for the most part, but usually I can see some visual differences in the graphics and player movements but there is little to none. I've played NBA 2K since I think 05 and NBA Live before that since about 95, and for the first time ever I was somewhat let-down at the lack of progression in 2K14. The very first time I logged in and began playing I honestly thought to myself "did I accidently put NBA 2K13 in?".

They did make minor improvements and bug fixes, and it does seem like the guards have an easier time of scoring on the drive now, but other than that visually it's very recycled. I just started up a new Association so I'll see what kind of changes they made there soon.

I'm not disappointed enough to be turned away, I'll still play it religiously as I always do, I guess I just expected more because 2K has always stepped up their game every year in my eyes and was just kind of a stale-mate this year.

I'm not a 'Bron hater, but I'm not his biggest fan either, hearing "basketball isn't easy" every time I login has already gotten annoying. I also don't like how they got rid of the main screen where it showed your MyPlayer on the left and your Association(or whatever) on the right for quick and easy access. Instead they got rid of that and you now have to seemingly manually load your Association which isn't a big deal I just thought that was kind of an odd step-back instead of a step-forward.

Overall I still love the game/series so I'll still give it a solid 7/10.

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