NBA 2k12 discussions

Lets talk 2k12 here is my cover if I could select one

First of all wouldnt it be awesome if they could come to an agreement with EA sports and help eachother out.If they did it should be an all out 2k game but with FIBA and get EAs online gameplay.They could also get a ESPN presentation and then they should also have not just one but 3 with ESPN ,TNT and NBA

The ratings are bad to they need to pay ESPN people to do them like John Hollinger ,J.A Adonde etc.and needmore post up moves also why is post up moves in one rating seperate like post up power moves and post up finnesse moves to seperate players like pau gasol and dwight howard.a free physics engine would be nice or improved contact animations also take out signature layup animations that control the defenders, i say creat a new rating acrobatic layup rating where you can avoid the defense.why is strengh only respected when backing down , it should help with finishing contact layups .the amount of ratings are good but i think you guys should add some more like ability to use body in between your layups like derrick rose does also vertical should affect dunks and layups, a fight through screens rating and a catch and shoot rating.They also need a hook shot rating and a fade away are players who are better at the Hook Shot than the Fade Away (Zach Randolph,Tim Duncan, Pau Gasol etc.) and there are players who are better at the Fade Away than the Hook Shot (Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony) And they need like a jump hook that Dwight Howard does

They should most deffiantly have a College 2k game and not just for my player mode in NBA 2k but that would be cool also to import your player.They also need to have updated rosters I dont know if they did for the other 2k college games but for example Jimmer Fredette ,Derrick Williams ,and Kemba Walker would be way better players an update at the end of the season then the original rosters.

The gameplay is good but still needs adjustments. Like jumpshots need improvements . Especially on fadeaways those are just bad and Dirk shoots nothing like he does in the game and most peoples spot up 3s are different from there off the dribble pull ups.They also need more way to score inside near the basket and for different players

As for my player mode they need way more hair styles .They also need wingspan.they need more endorsements like Nike ,Gatorade, etcThe drills also need to be changed IMO and need to add more . Like you cant just get stronger or jump highed you need to work out .They should have like bench press , dead lifts,explosion sqauts. and stuff like that.And for shooting they need more specific drills .If you want to get your 3 point shooting up they should have a drill were you sit on the 3 point line and someone passes you the ball while you shoot 3s. And the same for midrange .They also need like 5 minute practices with your team with a little scrimaging and mostly drills.And for customizing your own shot you should pick out it is .You should be able to creat your follow through and if its on the side of your head or in front or if your elbow is in or not . And if your body is squared and how high you jump and if you kick your legs out in front of you and stuff like that.

They need to add an all-star weekend with no blacktop crap.I want legit 3 point contest and slam dunk contest with the skills challenge .

And more creativety with stuff i want to work out my rotation in the association by saying: let Rose play 30 minutes an let him rest 5 min in the 2nd and 10 in the you could decide whether your 6th man comes in after one minute or after 6 min but playing the rest of the game.And they should also have a create your plays thing were you tell the players to go.And for passing i want to tell how my players pass like tap=lob normal=normal passs and double tap=bullet/bounce pass .They also need a create a stadium.They need that card thing that madden does also

It would be cool to add more classic teams such as Reggie Millers Pacers and Chris Webbers Kings and Bill Russels Celtics .Also have different my player modes with like Carmelo and start as a rookie

Im done with my stuff and now its your turn

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