Nate Wolters goes for 53!

Dude goes 17-28 from the field, 9-14 from deep, and 10-11 shooting free throws...he scored 53 of his team 80 points...what are all of your opinions on the rex chapman clone?

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Jimmer Fredette with slightly

Jimmer Fredette with slightly more all around game.

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Luke Ridnour

Luke Ridnour

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Hes good.. He reminds me of

Hes good.. He reminds me of George Hill because he has pull up game, floaters and can handle it. He'll be a solid second rounder

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Pissed the Gophers let him

Pissed the Gophers let him leave Minnesota

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Hope the Jazz can snag him in

Hope the Jazz can snag him in the second round

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Honestly he reminds me of a

Honestly he reminds me of a slightly more explosive kirk hinrich. Can do a little bit of everything and is a great competitor.. I don't see the Luke Ridnour comparison, Wolters just has so much more length, and uses it well..

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