Nate Wolters

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Nate Wolters

What are everyone's thoughts on how Nate Wolters has played in 2 games? With Both Ridnour and Knight out, Wolters has had the chance to play starter minutes at 30 minutes and he helped lead the bucks last night comeback from 20 points against the Celtics. Wolters also almost lead the comeback Wednesday against the Knicks where they were down 20 points and had the game tied with 4 minutes left in the 4th. Wolters is averaging 11.5 points and 5assits(leads team) in the 2 games. From someone who has watched him play how is he looking? How is he Scoring?

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Haven't seen him

The dude was a scoring machine in college; tremendous basketball IQ and knack for scoring that offset weaker athleticism. I think he'll be in the league a while...

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I'm a big fan of nate wolters........

I'm a big fan of Nate Wolters and thought he was the most skilled point guard who also had the highest basketball I.Q among the point guards with-in the 2013 NBA draft class. Nate just knows how to play the game of basketball at a high level while still being an average athlete. He looked good in his first 2 games and looks like he's going to develop into a pretty good back-up point guard in the NBA. With the potential to develop into a starting point guard if he can improve as an defender, improve his ability to create separation off the dribble, and improve his ability to be an effective and creative finisher around the rim in traffic and against elite athletes

My past scouting report on nate wolters last year on Nov, 12, 2012:

Nate Wolters Is Talented, But Might Have A Limited Upside

Nate Wolters is a very talented and crafty player, with a natural feel for how to run a team, play pick & roll, and consistently show that he has the ability to be a consistent scoring threat with very good ball handling, passing, and shooting skills. He's also a very good decision maker who plays calm and cool in big games. What I like is that at times he shows alot of mental toughness and doesn't back down when playing against individuals who might be more talented then him. He also has the ability on the college level to make the big play or big shot, when his team needs it the most. Love him, and he has the potential to develop into a solid starting or back-up point guard

NBA Comparison:

He's a mix between Steve Blake And Kirk Hinrich

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You're a big fan of a 22 year

You're a big fan of a 22 year old basketball player? What's wrong with you, dude?

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You said he'd be the best PG

You said he'd be the best PG out of this class too.

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He looked great again TONIGHT HE HAD 10 ASSISTS TO 1 TURNOVER he led another come back again but both him and giannis have been impressive so far.

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Yall know im on the Nate

Yall know im on the Nate Wolters train and have been for a long time. Great to see him get a chance and use it.

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I was high on him before the

I was high on him before the draft and I thought he would've made it to the first round. But I'm a little bit concerned on his ability to score in the Nba, he's struggling a bit with shooting % and it's something that doesn't surprise me, he has a quick but low release that could give him some troubles against nba athletes and their close outs, and also he's not like super quick, so he has to rely a lot on his craftiness to beat his man off the dribble. He plays the pick and roll very well and that should translate (though the low release point thing could hurt him some if he loses efficiency in his off the dribble shot) and he has a very good floater, so he has good chances of making an impact. And, to be honest, Knight isn't that big deal. On defense he remains a liability (for an example take a look at how easily Kyle Lowry beat him late in the game when they were still close).

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Hard work pays off in the

Hard work pays off in the end. He plays his heart out every game and am happy he has the opportunity to play in the NBA.

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