Nash is as good as ever

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Nash is as good as ever

The man is getting everyone open on the lakers his play making ability is amazing he's the best passer in the league and still a top 5 pg! The NBA is in trouble I mean Kobe's been so wide open its not even funny! Have fun trying to stop the lakeshow!

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lets go ahead and take things

lets go ahead and take things in stride and not get ahead of ourselves. But im telling people, nash will have 2x the positive impact on the lakers that dwight will have. He was exactly what what the lakers needed. He was hitting guys tonight before they even knew they were open. And if you leave him open, he drills it. Quite the difference from ramon seesions last season. Nash was +12 on the court tonight and the warriors couldnt rotate off anybody which allowed nash to do his thing freely.

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How about that 35-0 run by

How about that 35-0 run by Golden State? If you want to blow your wad after one game, then obviously you also think Golden State will win over 72 games, right?

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35-0 run?!?!?!


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That's what I'm saying, cool

That's what I'm saying, cool your jets man it's only preseason

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Its only exhibition, but

Its only exhibition and it means nothing. However, I do think Nash will tremendously impact the Lakers on the offensive end. On the defensive side of the ball Nash is one of the worst defenders in the league, if not the worst. Nevertheless he is only a few PURE pgs left. What i mean by that is players that makes others guys better and makes the game easier on them. Rose, Westbrook, Jennings, Irving, and Wall, are all dynamic young pgs that can score, but they dont make the game easy for other guys. Nash, Rondo, Rubio, Paul are guys that can dominated a game without scoring and make average players into good players. So I think this coming season will be a good one for the Lakers if no egos are involved.

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Nash is great but seriouslyy

Nash is great but seriouslyy this is preseason and no one is really trying.

The lakers bench gave up the 35 to 0 run. Seriously, the lakers would be well served firing everyone after their first seven players and starting over with free agents, d leaguers, or getting guys to come over from Europe. But Nash playing with three other all stars is scary.

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