Nardwuar vs. Pharrell, than Pharrell vs. Nardwuar!

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Nardwuar vs. Pharrell, than Pharrell vs. Nardwuar!

McHumanServiette made a post with Nardwuar's interview on Metta World Peace almost a year ago:

In that post, I have Nardwuar, who is an incredible though definitely colorful interviewer from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, interviewing a quite stunned Pharrell Williams. Flash forward years later and it seems that Pharrell has hired Nardwuar to do quite a few interviews for his youtube channel "i am other". So, firstly, will show the new interview of Pharrell and Nardwuar:

So, after Nardwuar once again manages to blow Pharrell's mind with his in-depth research and we get a history of Skateboard P's origins through his relationship with Teddy Riley, Pharrell decided to flip the switch. Thought that people might enjoy this, I know I did. Think that while some may think Nardwuar is a little out there, his intentions are genuine, his research is incredible and more often than not, he gets whoever he is interviewing to spill their guts like none other to catch a side of an artist or person that we do not normally see.

Also highly recommend people check out his interview with Jay-Z (whom Pharrell convinced to talk to Nardwuar after being so blown away their first interview), Nas and a recent one with Brother Ali. Ali was so hyped to be interviewed by him and was obviously a fan of his, plus he made a really dope track out of the record Nardwuar gave him as a present.

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I love these interviews

I love these interviews

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