Mystery Player: Last 3 games- 32 minutes, 25 ppg, 44%, 5 reb, 5 ast

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Mystery Player: Last 3 games- 32 minutes, 25 ppg, 44%, 5 reb, 5 ast

Guess who that player is. I'll give you another hint, he's 27 years old. Keep trying. Don't know, niether did I till 5 mintues ago. Ladies(If we have any) and Gentalmen, I present to you........Lester Hudson?

Most of us don't know who he is, I remember him faintly, late pick in 09, played a bit for the C's, haven't heard of him since. He bounced around from the Celtics, to the Grizz, the Wiz, and now the Cavs. He got cut by the Wizards in the middle of last season, signed in China and played there the past two seasons, came back to the states, got a 10 day contract, got 20 in two straight games, got another 10 day contract, and played his best overall game today. He made 6 threes the other day, and even though his Field Goal% has been decent the past 3 games, it's obvious from the box scores and whatever footage I can get that he's a chucker, but he's been pretty solid, who knows if he can keep this up, probably not, we've seen this before, guys latch on to a bad team, go off, and everyone goes crazy. Maybe the Cavs found a diamond in the rough, maybe not. either it'll be interesting to follow his success.

He went to Tennesse-Martin College, played very well both years, but was already 23 his freshman year there, I can only assume that he wen to JUCO and played his a$$ off and worked on his game like crazy, and he has the only quadruple double in NBA history. Here is his game log for this season in case you were interested.

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I remember him. He played

I remember him. He played Memphis really tough the year they had D-Rose and he was an all around beast in college. I was really hoping he was going to be a early 2nd rounder (he went 58th or 60th if I remember correctly). Anyways I was big fan of his, but he got picked by Boston and he never got a chance there as far as I know. I thought he was out of the NBA.

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I remember he was a beast in

I remember he was a beast in college. I didnt even know he was still in the league

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I was just about to post on

I was just about to post on how he's been killin it, and ESPN aint said a word about him..........Linsanity?

Where's the respect!

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all around scorer

It's funny just how accurate NBA 2k rating is. Every association I begin, Lester Hudson is always a signing I make. He instantly becomes my 6th man. very good scorer and easy to play with. Even Jeremy Lin was decent before Linsanity began . I often picked him up to run the point. Other lesser players making a splash that I noticed first on 2k
Sebastian Telfair
Alonzo Gee (would move him to the Sg)
Chris Singleton (wsh, stat stuffer since getting pt)
Avery Bradley (actually liked in college)

If 2k is any indicator, potential future surprises are
Willie Warren
Shelvin Mack
Damion James (Dallas)

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Damion James...

Damion James is a Nets player,who in 2k11 also turns into a stud.

Or did you mean the Mavericks player Dominiuqe Jones.

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i picked him up for today in fantasy.

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Lester actually played juco here in Memphis at Southwest then went on to UT-Martin where he killed the OVC....I remember being at a Grizz/Laker game a few years back and he served Kobe up about three of four straight plays. Phil called a timeout and Artest came out on him...amazing

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He has the only quadrouple

He has the only quadrouple double in NBA history??

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Bill Walton I think aamir

Bill Walton

I think aamir meant in NCAA.

25p, 12r, 10a, 10s.

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@kham83 I've been saying for

@kham83 I've been saying for two years now that Shelvin Mack is the next Chauncey Billups. He's been quiet as a rookie, but I'm not backing down from that prediction.

Sturdy, strong, sure-handed, feisty PGs with a knack for creating their own shot, getting to the line, and a propensity for knocking down huge shots in clutch, late-game situations. Very mature player. I actually think if he went to a franchise less dysfunctional than Washington, he'd probably have turned some heads already.

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Has anyone else noticed that NBA 2k12 says he went to North Carolina Central (I think, not 100% sure)?

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Lester Hudson...shame the

Lester Hudson...shame the Celtics never used him when they had him

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