Myck Kabongo

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Myck Kabongo

I was really surprised he wasn't drafted. Now in the summer league quite dissapointed he isn't showing more out there even though i think its very hard for someone who is as unselfish as Kabongo to showcase his skills in the summer league. I hope somebody picks him up, somebody who has time to develop their PG's and he could maybe be a decent back up one day ..

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I'm hoping my Toronto Raptors

I'm hoping my Toronto Raptors pick up Kabongo so they can finally have a young Canadian player on the roster. He's a low risk, high reward signing as a third string pg and definitely has the physical tools to become an impact player some day.

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Pressey dont workout

C's should look at him. Pressey was better than I expected at some points today, but its summer league.

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Ditto...I thought the same thing...may not shoot as well, but taller and not as wild

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First game of summer league

First game of summer league doesn't always show much for many good players, Trey Burke shot 1-12. I think Kabongo will come around and earn a camp invite.

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He needs shooters, he has

He needs shooters, he has playmaking abilities.
Played a tad better than the boxscore showed.

Without looking at the boxscore, him and Varnado were the players I liked the most.

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Kabongo sure gets a lot of love on this site for being an undrafted player. It's rare for 2nd rounders to have long productive careers in the NBA. Kabongo needs to go over seas and make nice money and maybe in a few years give the NBA another try.

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Kabongo wasnt terrible today,

Kabongo wasnt terrible today, he actually has potential running an offense, but he isnt a scoring threat at all at this level. And it makes it easier to guard him and the rest of his team.

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