My Updated Mock Draft - better than Chad Ford's

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My Updated Mock Draft - better than Chad Ford's

Only Lottery so far... (order with random lottery) 5/17/09

1. Sac kings: PF Blake Griffin - enough said

2. LA Clips: PG Ricky Rubio - already tried to trade baron, BPA, biggest need imo.

3. Wash Wiz: C Hasheem Thabeet - need a reliable big defensive prescence. Haywood was injured a lot this year, can he really be relied upon + thabeet makes an immediate impact.

4. OKC Thunder: SG James Harden - need a second pure scorer to Durant. BPA imo.

5. Minn T'Wolves: PG Brandon Jennings - they need a true pg and jennings is that. he will impress in workouts and make this pick a no-brainer.

6. Memphis Griz: PF Jordan Hill - need a PF, best pf available.

7. GS Warriors: SF/SG Demar DeRozan - Another athletic, high potential wing for this running team with no direction.

8. NY Knicks: PG/SG Stephen Curry - the knicks bring in a great shooter/scorer that fits very well into their system and helps with the recruitment of LBJ in 2010. Plus, he is rumored to be the pick just like Gallinari was last year and....he was the pick.

9. Toronto Raptors: SF Earl Clark - tough break with DeRozan going 2 picks b4, the raps take the next best sf.

10. Milwaukee Bucks: PG Ty Lawson

11. NJ Nets: SF James Johnson - called this first, still sticking to it.

12. Indy Pacers: SG Gerald Henderson

13. Charlotte Bobcats: SG Wayne Ellington - UNC sharpshooter for MJ (UNC also...), ellington will move up as a result of others falling due to measurements and his being correct.

14. PHX Suns: PG Jonny Flynn - good pg for their system and is not very TO prone which will make him a good replacement for Steve Nash. Also, he is rumored to be the pick.

What do u think?

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RE: My Updated Mock Draft - better than Chad Ford's

I dont think the Clippers draft a PG because they will go with Baron Davis and Mike Taylor this year...and I bet that they do Eric Gordon nasty and draft James Harden and use Eric Gordon like Ben Gordon....or they draft Jordan Hill way to early.

I think the Wiz goes with a PG in case the Gilbert experiment at PG doesnt work under they draft Rubio who will feed all those guys the ball, or a Brandon Jennings who will push tempo and score. Hasheem Thabeet has too many questions and they really like Javalee McGee and Brendan Haywood was actually playing well in 08. If Jordan Hill is available to them, they might go with an Antwawn replacement

I really like Harden to OKC as well as the sleeper pick, but if hes gone by the time they're up, they might get swept up by Derozen OR draft Thabeet as the Tyson Chandler they didnt bring in

I agree the T'Wolves grab the top PG available, to move Foye permanently to SG. Bassy will never get it. Im not sure Jennings or Rubio is the right fit. They need some defense at that position to stop putting KLove and AJ at mercy

I think Curry is already a Knick, hes talking it up and hes a good show at MSG. But with Nate Robinson already there, where does Curry's little frame fit in? Their luck is they get a top 5 pick, and they grab Harden, who has Knicks from the 90s written all over his face. who does LBJ better? Harden or Curry? They dont have any size either. But my pick for these guys? Jrue Holiday. I think hes going to blow up the draft charts

The Bucks will look to trade Michael Redd so as insurance they grab Ellington

Heres what I think will happen. Not necessarily what should happen but based on the teams tendencies this is what Im guessing

1. Kings: Blake Griffin
2. Clippers: Jordan Hill (pick someone way too high)
3. Wizards: Ricky Rubio
4. Thunder: James Harden
5. T'Wolves: Brandon Jennings
6. Grizzlies: Hasheem Thabeet ( do something stupid like move Marc Gasol to PF)
7. Warriors: DeMar Derozan (I think Magette is tradebait)
8. Knicks: Jrue Holiday
9. Raptors: Earl Clark
10. Bucks: Wayne Ellington
11. Nets: James Johnson (I go with you)
12. Pacers: Tyreke Evans (they need someone with a big upside badly)
13. Bobcats: Gerald Henderson (because he comes from good "pedigree" of school)
14. Suns: Johnny Flinn (although I could see Jeff Teague at this spot)

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Jrue Holiday 8?
What about
1. Johnny Flynn
2. Ty Lawson
3. Patty MIlls
4. Eric Maynor

You have him jumping all these people?

Ok then

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Im in DC they love

Im in DC they love Gilbert... They ARE NOT taking Ricky...

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If the Clippers fall out of the top 3

............I think they'll either trade the pick along with a bad contract (Kaman, Randolph, or Davis) for a veteran or trade Randolph and take Jordan Hill.

If they go with the second option, then they'll have this roster....

Kaman / Jordan
Hill / Camby
Thornton / Novak
Gordon / Davis
Davis / Taylor

If they happen to get #2 pick, I think they'll take Rubio but trade him along with a bad contract for a veteran.

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If the draft order stays as is. . .

1. Kings - Blake Griffin (Best player in the draft)

2. Wizards - Ricky Rubio (Safety pick if Arenas never returns to Agent 0. Also Rubio can play part-time at the 2)

3. Clippers - Jordan Hill (Clips already have Camby, Kaman, and D. Jordan at center, could develop Hill until they can dump Randolph)

4. Thunder - James Harden (Would give OKC a young and very talented offensive group)

5. Wolves - Hasheem Thabeet (Great pick for Wolves. Could move Jefferson to his natural 4, and bring Love of the bench)

6. Grizzlies - Earl Clark (Grizz really in need of a PF, settle with adding depth)

7. Warriors - Brandon Jennings (No other team needs a PG as badly as Golden State)

8. Knicks - Stephen Curry (DiAntoni type of player)

9. Raptors - DeMar DeRozen (Slips because of comparison to Gerald Green)

10. Bucks - Tyreke Evans (Gives Bucks depth in back-court, big upside)

11. Nets - Chase Budinger (Athletic SF to team up with Carter and Harris, RJ replacement)

12. Bobcats - Gerald Henderson (Athletic 2-guard to sub for Raja Bell)

13. Pacers - Gani Lawal - (Due to lack of big men, Indiana takes a project with potential )

14. Suns - Jonny Flynn (Suns seem to really like Flynn, I would prefer Eric Maynor)

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James Johnson

i like this pick as well. But i've always considered him a power forward, not a small forward. But i think the pacers should take a point guard, rather than wayne ellington or gani lawal

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I think you might be right

I think you might be right with the pick of Derozan to the Warriors, but IMO he would be a terrible pick. He would get no pt to start, and a future lineup of Ellis/ Derozan/ A Randolph/ B Wright/ Biedrins is a terrible lineup with no shooting and ability to spread the court.

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@lilja, u're almost perfect in term of team needs.
Everything is ok, heard the pacers saying that they want a PF or a big PG/ combo guard, like u say lawal(lack of big mens), i add they'll only go with blair-lawal at PF or evans-holliday as projects combos(i was on brackins before he come back).
Grizzlies desperatly need a PF, no one available, so they should go with potential, add depth at SG-SF, here is de rozan.
Raptors need SG-SF, so de rozan-clark-henderson.
Bucks, i think they'll move before, during or after draft day, huge contracts of RJ-redd, charlie V restricted, sessions-bah a mouté FA and just 6MD under the luxury taxe, it will be hard for them, hard to say today what they need but i'm ok with evans, maybe a back up at SG-SF(henderson-clark-johnson).
Bobcats needs a young SG or a back up PF, henderson-ellington(high for him in my opinion, see him in the 20's) , blair-lawal(lack of size or talent, but that's all we got here).
Nets need a SF, i consider only clark or johnson, they're not PF at nba level sorry(at best in small ball ala warriors), clark should be fine, they don't need scoring here, but he brings his all around game, his size, 11th pick is too high for budinger in my opinion(see him go from 15 to 28).
Suns virtually need at every position except center and SG if leandro stays, a back up PG, back up PF, and SF spot is more than uncertain with hill and barnes FA, seem to like flynn, u prefer maynor and i'm on lawson as a PG(maynor to the wolves at 18th since they take thabeet with their 1st pick)...james johnson for his versatility in suns small ball maybe.

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@bdoody Jrue Holiday has


Jrue Holiday has size, something that those other PGs dont have. Remember college success doesnt translate to NBA success necessarily. Jrue Holiday also has more upside than those other guys. The only guy who gives him a run for his money is Johnny Flinn, but is the NBA in love with Flinn because of the 5OT game and his big heart or because of his skill. Hes a great player but is he a potential top PG? Stop Derick Rose and Rajan Rondo?

Im a big UNC fan, but I dont know if Ty Lawson has the size to play PG, and Raymond felton had a better shot coming out of college.


Gilbert would play the off guard like a Rip Hamilton in Flip Saunders's scheme and Rubio is more a distributor to get Hibachi, caron and 'twan all the shots

Hey but everything changes tomorrow with the draft order. The clippers can screw the whole thing up

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the clips would fix it

the clips would fix it actually. harden would be better as the off guard and rubio on the clips would be perfect. thabeet on the wiz would fit well also.

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